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I need some help troubleshooting a booting problem. I'm working with my girlfriend's computer and don't have the specs off the top of my head but if you do need to know it to persue the solution I can find it out.
Well anyways the computer was running fine then one day it wouldnt boot and would show me a screen "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\system"
So I entered the repair command prompt screen and ran some commands and was able to repair the registry and it ran fine for awhile. Then all of sudden it did it again. This time I just gave up and reformatted the drive, thinking this would fix it for sure. It ran fine for about an hour then happened again... Any ideas what's wrong?
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  1. what os? what sys specs? what hdd?

    im thinking itd ur hdd.

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  2. So far I found it to be 1.3 ghz PIII, 256 mb ram, Samsung 20 Gb hdd, running XP pro. Someone i talked to said something about the power supply, it's 250 watts, not sure if that makes a difference. Is there anything else you need to know?
    Thanks a lot
  3. If its been fine for ages and this is a new problem, I dont think your psu (power supply) is the problem. I think its the hard drive. Try running a hard drive check - in XP Pro its in Start/ Accessories / Admin tools / disk checker. That should highlight any problems with the hdd.

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  4. Could be a virus on some software that you have reinstalled.

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  5. im gonna have to agree with hog on this one i do believe it is your hdd.

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  6. I'd agree - did you actually FDISK the drive or just reformat? FDISKING will possibly recover a bad sector if this turns out to be the problem.
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