Shutdowns for a second, then boots again

Since yesterday, ever since my older brother used the computer, it won't shut down.

My system specs are:

i7-930 Asus P6T SE
Corsair HX650W PSU
Sapphire HD 5850
WD Caviar Black 1TB
6GB DDR3 Corsair ram

I'm running windows 7 home premium 64-bit.

I've tried a system restore. No go. After, I messed around a little with the registry editor, changing values of some powershutdown thing from 0 to 1 and back to 0 again since it didn't work. Then, I formatted my hard drive just now, but it still won't shut down!!! I thought it was a virus or something, but after formatting the hard drive if it still didn't work, it shouldn't be a virus right.? And, I've disabled automatic restart, and it's not a problem of my network adapter wake on boot or something, since it still won't remain shut-down when i'm not connected to the net..And I'm sure my shutdown button is really shutdown.( Right click shutdown and checked properties )

It was still fine 2 days ago..God knows what my older brother did=( Hardware Problem, maybe? But this computer is really quite new: about 4 months.

Not sure if it helps, but my dvd drive's lights blink when this happens, even though there's nothing inside..or do they blink everytime i start the computer? really not sure>.<
Is it the PSU? Now the only way to off it is to off the main switch when it's between shutdown and boot>.<
It shuts down for about a second, and then it boots again. Doesn't seem like a restart. Should I reseat everything?

Help plz?

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  1. maybe try loading default values in BIOS ?
  2. I've tried it.. still no work=( :(
  3. Was this problem ever resolved? My brother-in-law is having a similar problem with one of his will automatically restart after shutdown...even with the autorestart feature turned off.
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