Black screen on boot - can see mouse cursor

I have recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Home premium 64bit , after installing all updates i have restarted my computer. it gets past BIOS, sometimes shows the loading bar at the bottom, then just goes black. i can see the cursor, and i can move it with the mouse. i cant do anything else, and nothing on the keyboard will give me a resonse from the computer either.

Whats wrong????

My spec is.

Intel core 2 Duo 3ghz
8 GB Ram
500GB Hard drive
8800 GTX 756mb Graphics Card
32" 1080p Sony Bravia
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  1. no one?
  2. Common fault with a particular update unfortunately, affects both win 7 and Vista.

    Since you have just reinstalled it and there will be no data on the machine I would just reinstall it again as this will be quicker than sorting out the problem.
  3. ok thanks :) also for some reason my pc was working very slow just after i had installed a new copy. do you know why?
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