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i have an asus A7V266-E with raid enabled in performance mode (0) with two wd 80gb hard drives. i wanted to dual boot my pc with win xp (current os win98se) the promise controller seems to be haveing problems with win xp. windows xp does not reconise that there are two hard drives setup in raid. any ideas or help is most appreciated.
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  1. Have you installed the Promise drivers? During the install (Press F6?

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  2. you cannot put a drive with windows installed and another blank HD set in performance RAID like that. You have to prep the HD with the util provided with your MOBO then after, install Windows on both at the same time. During the installation of XP or Win2000, you will have to install the drivers for RAID by pressing F6 when asked. You need to have the drivers copied on a floppy to install them .

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  3. yes i have put and tried all the drivers for the promise controler that i can find, i put them on a disk and pressed f6 then it tells me to put in the floppy so i do, but when i select windows xp or even windows 2000 drivers and press enter it still wont reconise the raided drive setup
  4. what do you mean install windows on both at the same time? i used the mobo setup to setup the raid and then i installed windows 98se on the c: and now i want to install windows xp pro on the d:
  5. That may be your problem - why does it have to be dual boot? Trying to use the D: partition along with RAID (I'm assuming 0) might not be working right. Can you just go with XP and install to C:?

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  6. The problem here is simple; Promise has not produced functional WinXP drivers for their RAID controllers. Either the card is not recognized during install or the drivers are not compatible with WinXP. The only way I have found to get around this issue is to:

    1. Install XP on a separate temporary HD using FAT32, ignoring the RAID array.
    2. Force install of Promise RAID drivers within WinXP (over-riding any warnings).
    3. Test functionality within WinXP.
    4. If successful, continue onto 5, otherwise try another version of drivers (this can be frustrating).
    5. Ghost/Drive Image, etc. your setup to a partition on the RAID array.
    6. Remove temp drive.
    7. Boot with floppy and tweak boot.ini to point to correct drive/partition on RAID array.
    8. Remove floppy and reboot.
    9. Continue with install,conversion to NTFS, driver updates (not the Promise ones, mind you), Apps install, etc.

    Your only other option here, as far as I have found, is to install another brand RAID card.

    Alan Thompson
  7. Are you trying to install XP directly by booting with the CD or by installing it into Win98 and not selecting upgrade?

    I cannot help you more on that

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  8. Quote:
    Promise has not produced functional WinXP drivers for their RAID controllers.

    I'm not sure what you mean ... I have a Promise RAID controller and it's worked great with Windows XP since day one. I haven't had any problems running my RAID array with Win XP. I used drivers that I downloaded from the Promise site and installed them during the Win XP installation. The only glitch is that when I boot Windows, it gives me a warning that the Promise Filter Driver has been disabled. I emailed Promise about it and they said to ignore it, that the controller is working properly.

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  9. Cough* 3ware *Cough
  10. you need to copy the folder with xpdrivers onto the floppy, do not open the folder and copy files, the whole folder must be copied, other wise windows will say something like, file\winxp\fastrak.sys caused an unexpected error 9180 at line 2108.... had same prob , drove me crazy, but winxp will work with promise raid, and it will rock
  11. Windows XP is stating that the Filter Driver has been disabled because it is recognizing old Win2K drivers. I had this problem in December, so I downloaded the latest WinXP drivers from Promise. These prevented the system from booting. After many complaints to Promise, they replaced the non-functional XP drivers with the old functional Win2K drivers. They still have not released functional WinXP specific drivers.
  12. I am having issues as well with High point RAID drivers.Am I to understand that RAID drivers must be loaded during installation of XP,when prompted, with the f6 keystroke?.I tried to install drivers from a cd after installation,and got a dll error message.

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