xp oem or retail?same?

what is the difference between buying an oem vs retail version of windows xp home edition? also for gameing home or pro version does it make a difference?I was not able to locate a faq for these questions sorry.
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  1. OEM usually contains the O/S only, where'as retail has extras and costs more.

    Most people that I know, save the money and buy the OEM version.

    As far as gaming is concerned, there is no difference in gaming as far as I know, however, I have noticed written information on some game packs (new games), stating that the game will work with Home but not Pro.

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  2. Both versions are essentially the same. The main difference is price (OEM is cheaper) and support. OEM versions aren't supported by Microsoft, they're supported by the person who installs it (IE the system builder). If you're installing it, you'll be doing your own product support if you go for OEM. This would certainly never put me off - never known a tech support line that can offer anything above suggesting you reboot.
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