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I am a newbie on building pc.I have built a system on asus p6td deluxe motherboard, i7 930 overclocked @ 3.36 ghz cpu, 6 gb corsair xms3,1tb seagate barracuda hard disk, and i use 2-Zotac GPU geforce gts 250 on SLI.My problem is that the Zotac GPU on SLI reached a high temp at about 70 degrees to 80 degrees, due to this high temp, the system crashes. I don't have water cooling system since this is not available here in Qatar.

Can anyone tell me what is the possible solution for this high temp on Zotac GPU on SLI mode? if i disable SLI, the GPU temperature is normal at about 40 t0 55 degrees.. but this should not be my option.
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  1. I do hope your talking about degrees C.

    Try removing the graphics cards, and then doing what we call a "re-seat" (re-insert the GPU cards WITH SLI) and start the system.
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