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I have a old Gateway and I am interestest in possibly using the tower and changing motherboard, chipset and memory. I would like the experience and it would give me a chance to learn about hardware. What would a reasonable cost be? I want to stay on the low end cost wise. Any thoughts?
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  1. Go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> They have processor and memory kits that will upgrade a Pentium or P II to a PIII if your mobo is compatible. If you are going to replace the mobo/chipset, you might as well get a new case($30-$50). You may have to upgrade your power supply depending on how fast of a processor you get. Tigerdirect's cases have the power supplies already installed and are coded so you are sure to get the right one for your mobo and processor. Good luck!
  2. Check your power supply rating. Anything below 235 may not work. You can get a "pc kit" with case, power supply, cpu, heatsink, and motherboard in pricewatch. The duron kits start at about $135. Or you can buy a new power supply to use with your old case. I found a codegen 350 watt at 800pc (amd approved) for only $24 plus shipping. Works fine with my xp 1700.
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