Enabling AHCI for my Intel SSD on ASUS Rampage 3

Just installed Windows X64 Professional on my Intel X25M160gb SDD connected to an Asus Rampage 3 motherboard.
I see the SDD bios shows is as IDE connected. I understand I need to select AHCI to get max performance from my SSD.
Reading the web there are many methods and now I am confused on which route to take.
Can someone give me setp directions?
thanks :(
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  1. You have to do it in the bios, how do you have it hooked up?
  2. unfortunately I did not do anything to the BIOS when I installed the SSD except that I plugged into the 6GB port, installed the OS and then plugged the balance of my standard HDDs to the other SATA 3GB ports
  3. It can definitely be done, though not guaranteed to be successful. This is how:

  4. thanks for your help I tried the link and did what they said and it worked like a dream.
    All SATAs runnning under new setup just fine.
    Can't see any performance improvement but at least my SSD is now TRIM managed.
    Now all I need to do is tweek the CPU and GPU. :)
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