Building a new system, question about DDR mobo's

i was going to get the Epox 8KHA+ with the KT266A chipset and it supports DDR ram. i was wondering if it also supports SDRam as well or just DDR. im asking because im also buying a new HD and CPU at the same time so having to buy the DDR ram (at this moment) would be a bit much, but it would help heaps if i could use my existing SDRam for now. also with this mobo i was thinking of the Athlon XP 1700 but somebody said with DDR ram and a good mobo a Duron or T-bird is just as good. should i just stick with the XP?
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  1. No this board only supports DDR.
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  2. Try a board with an SiS735 chipset.

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  3. Quote:
    i was wondering if it also supports SDRam as well or just DDR.

    DDR-RAM (184pin DIMM) <b><i>only</b></i>.

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  4. You are better with getting DDR memory and an slower CPU. A Thunderbird -C or even a 1.3 G Duron cost less than a XP and unless you are doing 3D rendering or image editing in the pro way, you may not notice a big difference. And after, if you want more speed, just upgrade you CPU instead of the whole system.

    So, go with more motherboard and less CPU instead of less motherboard and more CPU.

    I have a 1700+ Athlon XP system and my cousin a 1600+ Athlon XP system. We have bothe the same mobo, hd and video board and I cannot feel the difference in speed between mine and his.

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  5. wow, thanks for all the replies guys. so i guess it's settled then, better mobo less cpu. but now is there much of a difference between a t-bird and duron. also, im looking to spend $200 on the mobo and cpu so whats the best mobo for that price range with the respective cpu you guys pick (tbird or duron). thanks again...hope i dont sound too noob :)
  6. Get yourself an ECS K7S5A mobo and an XP1600+ CPU.

    This combo is an excellent performance/value deal.

    What's more, you have the choice of SDR or DDR memory, so if you wnat to wait until you can afford DDR, you can.

    Oh. Get a decent PSU with this combo. At least 350W.

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  7. The Tbird performs faster then the Duron and has more cache which help to increase speed.

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  8. But the newer Durons have hardware data-prefetch and SSE. In most cases however, a T-Bird will be faster than a Morgan Duron because of the faster FSB and the greater amount of cache.

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  9. And what are you planning to do your computer. Gaming, office works, Internet, ...It will help us to know your need if we know what you want to do with it

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  10. Check newegg's refurbished section. They may still have a refurbished 8KHA+ for only $69 with free shipping. At that price, you can afford a stick of 128 ddram, and get more later when you have the dough.
  11. mostly i use my pc for my comm design work (mostly using photoshop, illustartor, quark) but will be using more programs in the future most notably maya. also it's getting increasingly hard to play the newer games with many of the effects on so id like to get back into gaming. right now i have a P3 600, 256 megs of pc 100 ram, a TNT 2 ultra and a puny 4 gig hard drive. im definatelt planning on getting an IBM Deskstar for the HDD and a GForce 2.

    the ecs k7s5a mobo looks good for the price considering it can use both sdram and ddr as well as the expanse of cpu's it can house (if im not mistaken at least the xp's and t-birds). but i looked around and some have said that the sdram only works in 1 of the ram slots and that theres a chance your new mobo can be a dud right out of the box. also, i would probably need a new power supply since i believe mine is only around 250 (?), could be wrong tho. so for around $130 for that mobo and a t-bird the price seems right but ive always known that buying cheap for pc's can end up costing you more later on down the line. thanks again for all the replies.
  12. You are definitely better by buying the Epox board than the ECS one... You are right by saying that using cheap component to save can end up by costing more.

    Because the apps you are using use lot of RAM bandwidth so if you really want an improvement, then dont go lower than DDR.

    My advise, if it cost you more to get a better mobo and CPU, then wait just longer while putting money in a safe place until you get enough to cover the differece from a cheap system.

    Hey do yourself a treat...give you a computer you will enjoy.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  13. do you know if that Epox mobo houses T-birds and Durons as well as the XP's?
  14. well, it should, because thay are all socket A. the only difference is that Duron and first T-Bird has 100MHz FSB, T-Birc -c and XP has 133 MHz FSB. So, you may have to set that in BIOS.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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