Stuck at FSB 89MHz

I just got an Iwill DVD266u-RN board. I put in one 1.26GHz /512 Tualie, 2x 256Mb Corsair 2400 DDR Ram and an ASUS 7100 card.
For a reason I cannot fathom, the board will not post properly with a FSB >89MHz. I tested it with a 733MHz processor and an Ati RAGE 128 card, no difference.
The Iwill microstepping seems strange. Aparently it should autodetect the multiplier and FSB of the CPU but it always shows CPU expected speed of 133x5.5.
I detached all the other IDE devices and fans in case there was a power consumption problem, but it doesn't seems to help. Incidentally, increasing the DDR RAM voltage by 5% will enable it board to post at 90MHz FSB so I wondered if it was a RAM problem, but specifying a RAM speed of FSB+33Mhz with CL2 is no problem, as long as the FSB is 89MHz! Finally, the north bridge heat sink was not attached when the board arrived. I placed it in with a suitable amount of thermal paste and it feels cool enough so I don't think the N-bridge is overheating.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
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  1. The 133x5.5 is a BIOS error that does not usually affect operation. Did you try newer BIOS?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Yep, reflashed the BIOS although there are no BIOS revisions for this board. No change.
    Reading on the Iwill boards I see people say certain memory combinations don't work, well, that's the same on my board but the combinations that do work still don't allow a FSB greater than 89MHz :)
    I think I have to send this board back right?
  3. Tja, replying to my own problems but anyway...turns out that Iwill are a little lax on the support front. Reading all the moans on their website about the DVD266u-RN I wonder why I every bought this thing in the first place.
    Well, which slots you put the RAM chips in is important, and the fact that they completely put the wrong placement for the front panel connectors in the manual kind of makes diagnostics a bit difficult. Anyway, finally up and funning at +133MHz.
  4. Hard for me to say. It could be a power supply issue as well.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. You wonder why companies can get away with disributing mobos with issues like these. I mean...

    "Here we have 4 memory slots, but don't use slot 1 unless you are using slot 3" or whatever the prob was.


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  6. Good that it runs now, but what a bad manual Iwill suplied you, shame on them.
    BTW - I saw that you are Dutch, well I'm Dutch to nice to see Dutch people on this forum.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  7. well, its high time they put interlocking DIMM slots that wont allow a second DIMM if the first isnt installed, on their boards. DIMMs should go in only the right order!

    interesting learning that DIMM slot usage can afffect the FSB, whatever they are related with! wonder what would the FSB be stuck to if he put the DIMM in


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