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Does anyone know if their are any motherboards based on the SIS645 chipset that support on board USB2.0. I seem to get conflicting reports of support for USB2.0 with this chipset.
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  1. In a recent review of the Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra Mainboard
    it states that it does support USB2.0
    I assume that other boards with the sis645 will also.
    This site links to some (many) SIS645 reviews.
  2. I have the soyo ultra and the sigma breakout box is embossed with the legend USB 2.0 .. I have no way to confirm this .. The mobo also shipped with a coupon for a free USB PCI card .. sent for mine but don't expect to get it until I have long forgotten about it lol.. the mobo box state it is usb 2.0 too but I wonder .. does anyone know of a test that can determine this ? ( didnt see it in sandra 2002 .. did I miss it ?)


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