msi kt266a NO PCI !

Have a friend whose MSI KT266a will not recognize any pci slots. The board wont even boot if there is a pci card installed. Pull the PCI card out, and it will boot (most of the time)
He claims to have the mobo drivers installed. When it does boot, get to desktop fine, can run 3d Mark 2001 fine. But try to add any pci cards and it wont even boot. The board is pci 2.2 spec. Whats the diff between that and pci 2.1 ?
Another odd thing is there wasnt anything in his config.sys file. I added himem.sys and mem386.exe manually. PLayed around in the bios and nothing seemed to help. Just got the CD rom to work. Still no pci. Checked the MSI site for latest bios, but none of the updates addressed his issue.

Anyone know what causes a board to not even boot with PCI cards installed? PLEASE HELP!

year 2010: Intel? Whose that?
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  1. Anyone? Please.. Ill give you a cookie?

    year 2010: Intel? Whose that?
  2. In some versions of Windows98 (also with mine version) there isn't anything in config.sys. Himem.sys will be loaded automatically without the config.sys and mem386.exe is only usefull if you play a lot of DOS games, otherwise it is just slowing down performance.
    About the PCI problem, maybe the card is bad or his powersupply can't take the extra card, or PCI 2.1 isn't compatible with PCI 2.2, but I don't know that for sure.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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