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A friend of mine has grand theft auto 3, and lend it to me so I could try it. It installs well, but there is a weird thing. My friend has all the blood and gore during the game, and I get nothing.

I know there are two versions of gta3(censored and uncensored), but how come I get the censored version and my friend gets the uncensored version with the same CD. Is it a registry key in windows?

I run winXP pro, with AMD 1.4Ghz.

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  1. That's tragic. Have you checked the readme.txt? Tried changing detail levels? I'd think gore would be the *last* thing removed as detail settings are lowered, though. :frown:

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  2. i think there are custom patches that add gore. he prolly has something like that. why dont u ask your friend? if he doesnt then its prolly the settings in gta3... just take a look in there and im sure youll figure it out.
  3. Maybe you got an edited version. Wallyworld for example edits their music and for all I know they edit their games. Assuming you bought the game that is...

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  4. He told me that he has no patches, it is straight from the CDs. Also, the only gore patch I found on the web, is for the german version of the game, and does not work on mine.

    I looked through all the settings and did not find anything good. Any other ideas?

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  5. Try typing this in while playing the game....nastylimbscheat

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