ecs k7s5a pls help, urgent


I was just installing a xp1600 with ecs mb. actually it was not so smooth, but i can manage to install the win2k. But, after installing win2k, when it asked for restart, it hang after restarting, at the win2k prof logo. what happen? i tried to restart again, but with no avail, same place it hang. help me, pls.


ECS sis 735 (dont have on board LAN)
Diamond stealth 4mb
samsung 256 pc2100 DDR (setting fast, 2T)
one lan card
sb live
Enermax 350 W
Aplha 6035 (temp reading 47-48 deg)

help me pls

Thx alot

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  1. try taking out the sblive, the lan card and any other non-essential cards.
    Then reformat and try again.

    Is it an original copy of win2k or a 'backup'?

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  2. Well, i'll try it. btw, actually there is something wrong before that. Dunno why, sometime when restarting my cpu keep trying to read from the cdrom, even when there is no cd inside. The problem occured when i change the sequence of booting from bios, after fdisk (when i need to restart my computer, after ctrl+alt+del), after 1st step of installing win2k (after the dos mode). Actually it was always like that, when i did those things. DUnno y. once i made through until it was setting for network connection, then it hang again. After that I have never been able to set the time. :(. is there something wrong with my cdrom? But it can finish the win2k installing once, though it hang after that. thx for any advices. hope u can still guide me. btw, about the win2k, it is 'backup' if what u mean is the same as mine.


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  3. we're sailing in the same boat only diff is that after lots of storms i finally made it to the shore ok ok enough stories.... ;)
    actually i also buil my new sys of XP1600 and ECS-K7AMA only diff is our mobo.
    THE SOLUTION: format ur hard-drive completely and reinstall win2k(i did the same)
    in my case, installing win2k was a hassle in the begining coz it kept on restarting at a certain point... but after i formatted my hdd and reinstalled a fresh copy it runs like a horse now... and believe me WIN 2K rocks! if u have any probs after this feel free to contact me.
  4. Hi,

    Actually what I did was I format my hd first. Then assembled my new computer, then tried to install the a fresh installation of win2k. I did it because i heard that if u install a new system, u need to either repair ur os or install a fresh OS. so what i chose was to install a fresh OS ( i never believed in repairing OS). SO, dunno y it is still like that.

    Thx for the input anyway

    btw, yours is using VIA chipset rite?

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  5. For setup purposes try setting your FSB to 100/100. Leave all your current components in except for the SBlive. Install this after you have SP2 installed with the latest SB drivers for win2k. This should get you through the install. After all is working well then change your FSB to 133/133. Good luck and report back.

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  6. Hi guys,

    good news. :). thx alot for all ur advices. My system worked already. but the memory i set to 2.5 & normal. when i changed it to fast and 2.5 the system hang again. so, cos iam not oced, i think the memory setting should be ok. :).

    Thx alot. :)

    Really thx alot. :)

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