Upgrate from Win2000 Pro to XP Home?

I have read somwhere that's possible to upgrade(?) a win2000 Pro install to XP home eventhough M!(RO$)FT says no.
Does anyone know how to do it.

Beam me up Scotty.
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  1. Should be able to do it with a XP Home Upgrade disk.

    Why M$ says no, is beyond me.

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  2. Microsoft doesn't say no. He just didn't look in the right spot.

    <A HREF="http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;316941&Product=winxp" target="_new">HOW TO: Install Windows XP</A>

    NOTE: If your Windows XP CD-ROM is an upgrade, you are prompted to insert a CD-ROM of a previous operating system to check for upgrade compliance. Remove the Windows XP CD-ROM, and then insert the CD-ROM from your previous operating system into the CD-ROM drive. Valid qualifying media for upgrade compliance include:

    Windows 98
    Windows 98 Second Edition
    Windows Millennium Edition
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows 2000 Professional

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  3. My friend:
    To do a clean install of XP Home is not the problem.
    The problem is updating Win2000 Pro to XP Home from within Windows.

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  4. Why would you want to downgrade?

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  5. Well friend, I'm glad you read the link I posted. Because it gives detailed instructions on how to do an upgrade.

    Upgrading to Windows XP
    This section describes an upgrade to Windows XP from Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), and <font color=blue><b>Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.</b></font color=blue>

    NOTE: Before you begin the upgrade process, obtain and install the latest BIOS upgrade for your computer from the computer's manufacturer. If you update the BIOS after you upgrade the computer, you may have to reinstall Windows XP to take advantage of features such as Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) support in the BIOS. If possible, update the firmware in all of your hardware devices before you start the upgrade.

    Also, you may want to disconnect from the Internet during the installation. Disconnecting from the Internet during the installation helps protect you from malicious users. You may also want to enable the firewall in Internet Explorer. For more information, see the "Enable or disable Internet Connection Firewall" topic in Windows XP Help.

    For additional information about how to prepare Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition for an upgrade to Windows XP, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    316639 How to Prepare Windows 98 or Windows Me to Upgrade to Windows XP

    1. To begin the upgrade, start your computer, and then insert the Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
    2. If Windows automatically detects the CD-ROM, click Install Windows to start the Windows XP Setup Wizard. If Windows does not automatically detect the CD-ROM, click Start, and then click Run. Type CD-ROM drive letter:\setup.exe, and then press ENTER to start the Windows XP Setup Wizard.
    3. When you are prompted to choose an installation type, choose Upgrade (the default setting), and then click Next.
    4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the upgrade.

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  6. I decided to do a clean install anyway.
    It's better this way.
    Thanks for all your help.

    Beam me up Scotty.
  7. dude, why on earth would you want to "upgrade" from the best microsoft product ever (win2kpro) to one of their worst ever xp "home" edition? Okay, win ME was probably the worst ever, but xp home is a close second!!!!!!!

    There's not one thing xp can do over 2000 and 2000 is actually stable. If you must have xp, at least get the pro addition.

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  8. XP is 2000. XP has more eye candy.
  9. ""XP is 2000""

    If you are sayyying so, that tells how much brain power you have left after yer mom landed you on yer head.

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  10. Quote:
    Why would you want to downgrade?

    ROFL! My thoughts exactly! :smile:

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  11. Quote:
    If you must have xp, at least get the pro addition.

    I would just like to add, After Service Pack 2 is released.

    He's going to discover all this the hard way! :smile:

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  12. I guess you didn't realize it, but Win2K Pro will run circles around XP even XP Pro, SP2 may straighted out XPs inadequacies, I seriously hope so seeing as how I've invested money in the OP/SYS which presently I'm not running and have gone back to Win2K Pro, by the way don't give up your Win2K Pro installation software and license just yet, you'll probably be reinstalling it after a couple of months.

    After you get past the OOOHs and AAAHs of your dive into Telletubbie land and you figure out how to configure XP to get the most performance out of it, you'll begin to notice XPs quirks and the little hidden changes Microshaft incorporated into the OP/SYS, which is like putting a govenor on a schoolbus to limit its road speed.

    You being familiar with Win2K Pro, heres a little out of the box test for you, go to your favorite download site and download more than 2 files at once, of course I'm sure someone in defense of XP will offer a workaround to the issue, but I've used Win2K Pro and downloaded 10 files simultaneously before, and never gave it a second thought, try that with WinXP Home, and you're just going to love the activation feature if you upgrade your hardware on a regular basis. Theres a whole lot more, but you'll find them, trust me you will find them.

    Welcome to XP HELL, I Mean HOME :smile:

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  13. hehehe, I just worked on XP Home PC (friend of mine), she's got P3.2C, 200Gz HD with mere 4Gz of data, 512M rem and stuff, I have 2.6C on w2k and around 60Gz of data.. I was VERY surprized to find out how that thing was crippled even when exploring files, maaaan, I was like "wooooot? you have 3.2 here?" and maaan, how pissed it makes me when I click on FOLDER (not the plus) in explorer and it drops down the whole nine yards of folders in it and I have to scroll up to find "the one I just clicked on", THIS IS REDICULIUZ. If I want to expand/collapse the thing I WILL click the "+" or the "-" on the thing. Stupid dizinerz..

    PS: the most mainiest "flaw" that made me go back to w2k. Just makes my brain to twist :q(

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  14. Just an FYI...like 98,ME, XP is trying to be intuitive. Where you are when you open Explorer depends upon from where you opened Explorer.
    eg. open Explorer from start/(right-click)Explore then you have this problem.
    A problem the I think sucks big time also, but simply use a keyboard shortcut to open Explorer and you no longer have the problem (Win/E).

  15. Just an FYI... to disabel that "feature" all I have to do is set folder option to show "simpel folder view" or whatever that thing called (can't remember from the top). I was talking comletely different stuff, but thanks FoYoInformation, I'll remember about how strangely Explorer might handle different "opening spots" ;)

    PS: by the way, how many peepel do you know that use keyboard to navigate? Right click menu is my "second hand"!

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  16. Yup, to go from win2000pro to xphome is a downgrade. BUT xphome is not the worse! are we all forgetting winME :)

    2000pro is way better, I still stick with it for the office. XP seems to just have issues, not sure if it is my expieriance on 2000 or the actual product. XPhome however is a no brainer! don't go there! but you already did.

    one good thing, you got "msconfig" back again!

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  17. all things beign equal would win 2000 be faster than xp pro on a 256 mb ram p4 2.5g., does win 2000 do better with a low amount of memery. I tryed win me and it was faster.

  18. Do you have w2k CD to install or just wondering if you should get one?

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