First built PC nightmare! Help!

Here is my setup:
- Soyo Dragon+
- Athlon XP 1700+ (non-OC)
- Mushkin 256MB PC2100 DDR
- Western Digital Caviar 60GB 5400rpm
- Win 98 Second Edition
- ATi Xpert 128 PCI
- 56K PCI v.92 modem
- Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu+

I have a 60GB Hard drive with Win98SE on it and I wanted to use it in my new computer. I installed the HDD in the new computer but decided to do a clean install. I reformated my HDD and reinstalled Win98SE. Now it will freeze for no reason, most of the time right after Windows 98 loads and the desktop appears and after the initial sound from the integrated sound card. Here is what I have done:
- I reinstalled Win98SE again.
- Moved the FSB, RAM speed, and Multiplier up and down with no difference. The computer still freezes.
- Disabled the Integrated Sound Card in the BIOS.
- Disabled the integrated LAN.

What could It be? Please reply to my message with any info you may have no matter how small it may be because this has been the first computer I have built and it has been a NightMare! Please help. Thank you.
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  1. You didn't mention your power supply. Is it big enough?

    Try removing the modem.

    Try moving the RAM to a different slot.

    Try different RAM if you have any available (or can borrow some)

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  2. Hey J,

    What are the Temps of your system? What did you use to connect your CPU to your TT Volcano 6Cu+ ? Did you use the thermal tape or a Thermal grease like "Artic Silver II"? Have you tried using a "AGP" video card? What kind of power supply are you using, how old, how many watts? Are you using the latest bios version for your mobo? Have you read your mobo manual to make sure it isn't something small like a FSB jumper, on the wrong setting? or Modem has to be in a certain PCI slot only. I can't think of anything else right now, Good Luck with your system, this is what makes you a better computer expert..........having problems, and solving them.

    Peace Out.................tile

  3. I am still having the problem.
    -I tried moving the RAM to another slot. Still have the problem.
    -Removed the modem, but still have the same problem.
    -I upgraded to WinME, but same problem.

    I have a 425W power supply. The Vcore is around ~1.76. I reduced the Vcore to 1.72, but that did not fix the problem. All the other voltages seem normal although they are a little bit more than they are supposed to be.(for example the +5v is ~5.15. the other voltages are similar but they vary from time to time.I dont have an AGP card, I just have a PCI card.
    -One thing I have noticed is that it freezes whenever I try to move or resize a window.
    -The HDD is new, It was working perfectly before.
  4. Do you have AGP disabled in the BIOS, since you have a PCI video card? Just a thought...

    Good luck.

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  5. Have u tryed booting in safe mode/ If that works let me no??? ok
  6. You might have to change the BIOS setting to assign your video card an IRQ. Set the Assign VGA IRQ to enabled.

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  7. Download the latest BIOS and flash it. Dont use turbo mode, use normal.

    And try a different brand of RAM if posible. this board is touchy with some brand of RAM

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  8. I flashed the BIOS with the newest version on Soyo's website but still the same deal.

    About the memory, I can't go to the store until Saturday so I'm stuck with this stick of RAM for now.

    I also did a clean install(formated,etc...) of WinME and still the same problem.

    I believe it is some driver that loads up when WinME starts because it works fine when I boot into Safe Mode.
    Any driver for my card causes problems, except when it used to be recognized as a "Standard PCI Graphics Adaptor". I think the computer was working fine until the card was recognized by WinME by its real name.
  9. Thank you for giving me possible solutions to my problem.
    I was finally able to solve my problem by putting in a different Graphics card. Apparently there is an incompatibility problem between the DRAGON+ and my ATi Xpert 128. I wonder if anyone has ever had this problem. I put in an old PCI 2MB Cirrus Logic card and it now works PERFECTLY! except for the "minor" inconvenience of not being able to play graphics intensive games anymore until I get a new Video card. Well, thank you to all.
  10. Glad your problem got solved, i was about to ask you if you had installed the motherboard drivers the mobo came with. They usually have IDE controllers with them, no ide = no system stability.
    Good luck on getting a new video card

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