Unsigned drivers during Win7 Setup?

Is there a way to disable driver signature enforcement during the disc boot portion of the Win 7 setup? The problem I have is that my RAID card (Promise FastTrak S150 SX4) has 64 bit drivers available, but the setup complains that it can't find any signed drivers when I point it to the flash drive containing the drivers. I know they're the correct drivers, but they're unsigned and the setup cries about it. It's currently running 7 x86 but the system needs to be on 64bit. The only reason i'm sticking with the card for the time being is it's a hardware raid card with 512mb ecc cache, and the board doesnt run raid 5. Any input on this would be appreciated!
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  1. i've got the same raid card (Promise FastTrak S150 SX4), but haven't even been able to find 64 bit driver for it. Promise takes the stance that it's 'end of life' hardware, and they won't be supporting 64 bit for that card. You mind sharing your 64 bit drivers w/ me?


  2. You state that you have 64 bit drivers, but are currently running x86. You can't install 64 bit drivers in a 32 bit OS.

    To turn off driver signing, you need an admin account and use the group policy editor.


    Turning off driver signing is not recommended. Infected or poorly written drivers can wreak havoc with your system.
  3. I stated that it's currently running x86, but needs to be running x64. I'm trying to reload it with Win 7 x64, and the "beta" drivers that Promise emailed me for vista x64 won't work.
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