NON-MP's cpu's on dual mobo

I have a question, can dual processor mobos support single processors. For example, on an ASUS dual athlon mobo, can you put two athlon xp1700+ (non MP)? or on a Tyan motherboard?

I think i saw a few weeks ago a dual processor ASUS mobo system that used two athlon xp 2000+, but i want to verify that i could use non-MP processors in a dual processor system, and have both CPU's function.
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  1. From what I hear you can. AMD just doesn't guarantee it.
  2. Nine out of ten work.

    - JW
  3. yes they work alright, get 3 XPs and try, after you get 2 of then working, return the third or make another system!

    anyway those 3 XPs will cost as much as 2 MPS! :wink:

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