WEP & Shared Key in Win 8

Hi all! I have installed win 8 pro build 9200 and want connect to my Wi-Fi network which encripted whith WEP & Shared Key 128 Bit. But i not found this security mode in Wi-Fi settings. Can u tell me how can i do this?
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  1. WEP? :non: Why are you using that? It's extremely vulnerable to attack, you should be using at the very least WPA-PSK with a lengthy share-key, ideally WPA2-AES again with a lengthy key.
  2. Also disable WPS as it is EXTREMELY vulnerable
  3. Mal & unksol: Everyone knows WEP is weak, but we don't always have control over the networks to which we must connect. You failed to answer the question and your opinions stating the obvious were not requested. If you cannot answer the original question don't bother wasting people's time.
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WiFi WEP Connection Windows 8