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I am backing up my hard drive data on a cd using Sonic software which allows me to burn long file names. Usually I check the cd to make sure that every file and folder is burned Byte to Byte and it has been working fine.

Lately after burning the cd I opened couple of Web Page files and I found out that the Graphics of some of the web page wasn’t there, only the text of the web page was there. Cd showed that every byte was burnt though.

I also noticed that when opening such a web page I was getting the message in the task bar “ Opening Page File “ and it did take a little longer time to open such a web page.

I have not made any changes to my system which could have caused such a problem.

My system specs are as follows.

Dell Dimension 2.6 GHz with Hyper Threading

512 MB DDR 400 GHz RAM

Sony 52 X Burner and LG 40X CDs but I am burning only at a speed of 32X Max and at 10X on CD-RWs.

80 GB SATA Maxtor Hard Disk with 5 Partitions

( I have not changed Page File Settings ) = It is 768 MB for all 5 Drives and that is all assigned to drive C: by the OS an original setting. OS has not assigned any VM ( Page File ) for any of the other 4 Partitions which also brings up a question as to whether I need separate page file for each partition?

Win XP (Home) in First Partition and Data in Rest of the 4 Partitions.

I am burning the data of the Second Partition only.

Please Help.

Thank You.
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  1. The message Opening page file I don't think refers to your system page file. Windows opens that on start up and when a program accesses it it does so through the kernal not the application. As for your problem, I'd guess that the page would load but the pointers in the xml or htm are pointing to the original locations not the cd drive they are now located.
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