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I just read the review of the dual Althon boards. Surely the Linux kernel compile time benchmark is a jest? It shows a single CPU machine doing it more quickly than a dual one. Let me tell you: my dual Intel box compiles in at least half the time when I use both CPUs. I think the reviewer demonstrated severe cluelessness and didn't enable parallel makes, e.g. used the "-j" parameter with the make command. I always use "-j 3" so that there is an extra process ready to run when either of the first two pause for I/O... this is just a theory and I've never benchmarked it to determine if it's true.

Is it me, or does the summary completely demonstrate the reviewers lack of understanding of dual CPU machines. Clearly they only use their computer for one task at a time, task switching between the running apps which are idle in the background. They might as well use Windows 3.1, or something earlier! I'd like to see them start a big build and a DVD rip at the same time, and still find their computer responsive enough to do others too.
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  1. Have you emailed the author yet?

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  2. I did. But no response yet.
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