There seems to be enough HP fellows around here to answer this one within an eye blink...
Can anybody tell me what the difference is between an HP 970CSE and a 970CXI?
Looking to make my desk a little more cluttered...
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  1. I was wondering that myself recently. I've had the CSE for about a year and love it. Usually the CXI models are exactly the same, but without the "extra" software, like photo software, etc. However, this printer may not be like that. I looked at two different descriptions at two different places. One had the printer without the software, but the other had the printer without the add-on duplexer! Don't know which is correct. You might want to check out HP's site, although that my be an exercise in futility!!!

  2. Mikem, thanks for the reply. Well, I've gone to the HP website (isn't it funny how we expect the manufacturer to have the least helpful information on their products?) They list both the 970cse and the 970cxi but both links go to the cxi info page.?!? But now that I've looked, I see that HP only lists win98 and mac as useable OSs for the cxi. I'd be using win2000. Going to pricewatch, I see some sellers as listing the cxi as compatable with win2000, but I trust no salesman.
    Mikem, (and anyone else with a 970c) are you or have you used your cse in win2000 through the USB connection? I still have that NT fear that something I buy won't work as promised.
    If all else fails, I might have to pick up the phone!
  3. HP970Cxe drivers: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/swindexes/hpdeskjet918370_swen.html
    HP970Cxi drivers: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/swindexes/hpdeskjet918369_swen.html

    They use the same drivers and yes, of course there is a Win2000 driver. (This is HP we're talking about here)

    In Canada I've only seen Cxi stuff from HP. I have a 1220Cxi on a USB port and it works great - much faster then a parallel port.

    - JW
  4. OK. So I called customer service at HP, the 970CSE and 970CXI are exactly the same and both versions are full win2000 compatible. The difference, the guy told me, is who the reseller is. That's as far as I needed to go. Thanks guys...
  5. I seems like 970CSE is for US and Canadian market only.
    No-one sells it in N-Europe...

    And they said schizophrenia is annoying?
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