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I've been reading up on all the forums trying to get an idea of what new technologies are coming out in the immediate future, and decided I'm probably not the only one who is planning on buying a new system soon.. so I thought I'd ask the more informed people on this forum to share any knowledge about upcoming technologies to watch for (possibly things to wait for before upgrading?) I know in the computer industry if you always wait for new technology you'll never end up buying anything :) but never-the-less I'd like to know if there's any notable releases coming out within the next 2-3 months?

Thing's I've heard mentioned include amd t-bred, ati 8500rv or dv?, geforce4 (now).. as for new motherboards well I'm not too sure about any new chipsets in development? I wasnt sure what forum to post this in but if anyone has any incite into any of these things feel free to post your advice :)
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  1. This would be the one time to wait. If you buy the best right now, you will be obsolete in the fall. The AMD Hammer will require a new socket, hence a new board. The boards will have usb2, hypertransport, maybe serial ata. The chip will have on-die memory controller. All that means is they will be way faster than anything coming in the next few months.
    I want to upgrade too, but i am gonna be patient and wait for Hammer and the boards that support it. If you wanna go with Intel, thats a different story. Upgrading now would be ok.

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  2. hmm well I'm pretty set on buying in early march (first 2 weeks) right now im sharing a comp.. and that's really annoying ;) .. was planning on going for either an xp1700 or a p4 1.6a but I wouldnt dare start a thread on the xp/intel debate =).. I'm primarily a gamer, so as long as whatever comp I buy can handle the upcoming games for the next year I'll be happy =) Thanks for the info though, I'll look around for some info on this 'hammer' your talkin about and see if I can make a more informed decision when the time comes, thanks again
  3. darn.. just bought a new system...
  4. http://www.amd.com/us-en/Corporate/VirtualPressRoom/0,,51_104_608,00.html

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