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How should I go about doing that? I have this Dell that came preloaded with vista, and I then upgraded to have windows 7 on it. I am about to build a new PC and would like to skip the process of rebuying Windows 7 is it possible to move Windows over to my new machine and take it off the old one? I thought I read somewhere on here that Windows is tied to your mobo and that you have to call them and have it reset before you can do that but honestly I have no idea. Every computer i have ever had has always had the os preinstalled and though I know how to install an os and reformat I have never had to install from scratch.
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  1. Am I going to be able to move the OS to a new machine or am I going to have to spend another $300 rebuying it? I would really like to be able to transfer it to the new one and then put something linux on here for free instead
  2. Windows 7 upgrade version is retail and as such is transferable. Your problem is that your Vista was preinstalled by Dell and is not transferable.
    You can try Paul Thurrot's site on clean installing Winbdows 7 using the upgrade media.
  3. I was reading that earlier and it just confused me even more. So even with the vista disk and the product key for it I can't put vista on a new machine because it was installed specifically for that Dell?

    The win7 upgrade was also done as a download for the $30 student deal when it first came out if that makes any difference.
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