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Have any of you put together a system with the Lian Li Case? I have a Lian Li 68 and it is making me crazy! Whenever I put my PCI cards in, they do not fit right so i can put the screw in the notch. Whenever I try to get a screw in it, it pops out of the slot. It is making me crazy. I cant screw them in at all. They sorta hang, or they pop out of the slot. What to do? It's almost as if the motherboard is too far back or something. I used the little square mounting pieces they give, pushed them in from the back like they show. It seems whenever I push on the cards the motherboard goes back a bit. Those square nuts do not hold it forward, they push back in. Does anyone know what I Mean? HELP! Thanks.
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  1. Here is what I've found with Aluminum cases in general and specifically also Lian Li. First, make sure the mobo is moved as far over toward the back of the case and no obstruction is preventing it to send the com ports, parallel, etc all the way out. If just one thing is not in then when you screw the board into the case it will make for a pissed off time installing the cards.....see the screw hole on the bottom that is more oval than round, it is there for finite adjustment...certainly not to move towards the inside of the case against the back of the case but more for adjustment slightly.
    Another thing I noticed on one case Lian Li had was when the case sat level it was not LEVEL but would teeter so it had to be in transit the more fragile cases flex more....all I did was slightly bend the pci card bracket in to meet the screw hole and make sure you do it evenly so the bracket isn't bent in with a gap. HECK, I have not had so much trouble explaining what I know WHAT to do, it is explaining HOW to do it. Sorry, got the cold from hell....but I at least wanted to "attempt" to explain even though it may not be the best, it in purpose works.


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