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I am building a new PC using an Abit KT7A mobo, AMD XP1600 CPU and Gainward GeForce 2 video card. I have assembled just the mobo, cpu (with heatsink and fan), 256K SDAM, and the video card. I plugged in the monitor applied power and all the fans run but nothing comes up on the monitor. What should I do to trouble shoot this? I have check the connections and don't see anything that I have done wrong.
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  1. I have two KT7A Raid boards versions 1.1 and versions 3.1 you need to have the later to support XP. I can't remember 100% what the version where, but that is close. If the board is old it may not work, if you just bought it it should work. Abit's web sight has more on this. Just one thing to check off hand.

    P.S I also believe you will need the latest bios update, if it's the later version, where the older version one won't work.
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  2. Try resetting the CMOS. Also try the KT7A's Failsafe Boot. To do this power off the system and turn it back on. Hold down the <b>Insert Key</b> while the system boots.

    As Jiffy mentioned only the 1.3 rev of the KT7A will support the Athlon XP's, officially. However, some people can get the XP's to work on the earlier revisions. Sometimes in just works. Other times there is some trick that can be used. I think it is to press reset right after a cold boot. There is some timing involved with this. (I'm not sure of this trick so check around various forums).

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  3. Yeah thats the version 1.3 I have that version, but for me to get XP support I needed a bios update. My version 1.0 did not boot, but I didn't try any tricks, there is also version 1.2, which shouldn't work either. Even if it was to boot it will still need a bios update, which my board would not accept. Nowing what version Larry152 has would help. The version 1.3 booted right up for me.
  4. Thanks for the comments. I have a Version 1.3 board. I have since taken the board out of the case and removed the video card, SDRAM and CPU and reassembled these parts on the desk top checking all connections. I plugged in the power and the monitor (with the board out of the case and on the desk) and still don't get any video or beep codes. Again this is a new build with all new parts. I'm not sure what to do next?
  5. Even if it's a 1.3 board it still needs the latest BIOS. I can't imagine him getting the board with an old BIOS on it though...

    I don't know what to say, maybe it's a bad CPU. Or a dead mobo. I received my KT7A-RAID DOA. I've since been dealing with the legal hassle of getting it replaced (read the thread titled 'Screwed over!' for more on that).

    Good luck.


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  6. Try a different video card (even a PCI) just to test.

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  7. This is a tough one.

    If the motherboard is in good working order but the video card was having a problem you should get beep codes. The same with bad memory and sometimes with a bad CPU.

    I twice had a bad BIOS flash on my old KT7. It would switch on all the hardware, fans, drives, etc, but also no beep codes.

    Do the keyboard lights flash on then off. That's part of the POSTing process. My keyboard lights stayed lit when the BIOS was bad.

    You didn't respond so I'll ask again.

    Did you reset the CMOS?
    Did you try the Failsafe Boot?

    The only other things I can suggest is try another video card (which someone already suggested). Try another power supply. Try your components, CPU, memory, video card in a known working machine.

    What video card are you using? What brand/model is your power supply? What is it's rated power? What are the voltage rail ratings for your power supply (usually printed on it's side)? +3.3 volt? +5 volt? +12 volt?

    <b>We are all beta testers!</b>
  8. I did clear the CMOS using the jumper setting per the manual. No change.
    I didn't have a keyboard or mouse connected but will give that a try.
    I am using a Gainward GeForce MX400 video card in the AGP slot. My other computer is an old Intel 233 so I can't really use it to check out any of the parts. I am concerned that it doesn't even beep when I remove all of the components except the CPU. Seems like it would beep but nothing... How do I determine if the mobo is bad or the CPU without having an extra computer to "test" it on?
  9. Did you disconnect the power cord before you reset the CMOS?

    I don't know how to test other than what I already mentioned about the keyboard. Do you have any other video card. Even an ISA video card will do because the KT7A has one ISA slot.

    <b>We are all beta testers!</b>
  10. Yes, the power cord was not connected when I cleared the CMOS. I didn't get any lights on the keyboard.
    I tried a different AGP video card and two different PCI video cards. Have now tried three other brands of SDRAM. I hear the hard drive searching but don't get any video or beep codes.
    A friend is going to try his 1.2 Athlon CPU in it tonight and see if that POSTS.
  11. Yeah, now it sounds like it's the processor. I had one similar to that, turned out to be the processor. Did you get retail box or OEM?

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  12. I purchased the Mobo and CPU both as retail from Newegg.com on 8 Jan (yea, it took me a few weeks to find time to start this project). Unfortunately their retun policy is somewhat lacking (7 days on CPU, 30 days on mobo) and AMD looks like they depend entirely on their retail sales outlets for warranty service.
  13. Is the gforce 2 a mx400? I ran in to problems on a abit kt7a myself, regarless of what gforce 2 it is check these links:
    on the link above you will see in the middle colum bios a updates for the gforce 2's
    the link above is the VIA chipset driver updates, down load the 4in1

    Let me know how that XP runs on the KT7A, i got the same mobo and want to upgrade to an XP, hope the links help
  14. I like my KT7A-Raid version 1.0, so much I bought another one, because I new I could count on it. It also, work with a gf2gts, gts ultra, and SB Live. It would not accept a BIOS update to accept the XP1800. Abit's sight said version 1.0 and 1.2 would not accept XP, if someone did I would be surprised.

    Same board version 1.3, accepted the XP1800, also accepted the BIOS update for XP support.
    I know I'm repeating myself, but I did not have problems with these two boards, with three different CPU, two different gf2 cards and SB Live. And would state these are very good boards and the only boards that would rub them out would be DDR boards.
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