Soundblaster Live and Via? HELP!

Is there a known problem and fix for a Soundblaster Live with the VIA KT266A? I have just installed WIN 2k from scratch on an EPOX 8KHA+, with an Athlon 1800 XP. Device Manager shows my Soundblaster as working fine, but all I get are loud Obnoxious Beeps from my speakers where there should be sound. I have the latest bios, latest 4 in 1's, and latest Creative Drivers. All I get is Beeps! My other cards installed are 2 Nic's, and 1 Firewire board. I think 1 of the Nics might be conflicting with the Soundblaster although they both show up OK in Device Mgr. I get the loud beeps and my cable modem seems to be dropping its connection frequently. Can anyone explain this? Thanks for all the input in advance.
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  1. Just a shot in the dark, but check to see if Allow LPT Interrupt Sharring is check off, in Devise Manager under Creative.
  2. Have you tried different PCI slots?

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  3. have you disabled any on-board sound in the bios?

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  4. Disabled the onboard Sound and tried 2 different slots. No Sound just annoying loud beeps. :-(
  5. If you don't use your COM/LPT ports you can disable them in the BIOS to free up some IRQs, maybe some cards will change from IRQ. Try to not let your soundcard share IRQ with another device, try different PCI slot configurations and look in the manual which slots share IRQ with eachother. The SBLive! can easily give problems when sharing an IRQ.
    Another thing you might want to try is disabling the SB16 Emulation.

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  6. well i do know theres a problem with the sb live and via 686b chipset...

    in witch case id remove one or the other..(id take the mobo away)

    as i had a system with them two combo's and i always had problems! ....when i toke the sound card out of my system it worked most the time with no problems...

    when i replaced the mobo done! no problems left!

    note this might not help much.. but try a different sound card... good luck mate :smile:

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