New P4 Computer not booting

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Recently I bought three new hardware upgrades; a Pentium 4 1.60A, ASUS P4B266-C, and 256 MB of DDR RAM that was specifically chosen by my new motherboard on Crucial's website.

All of the new hardware was added to my 250 Watt case. I believe that all of the power cords were placed correctly in the appropriate places. The casing wires inserted into the motherboard and power leads inserted into the motherboard and harddrive. I did not touch any of the dip switches, assuming that the default is ideal for my current setup.

When I tried turning on the computer, I kept getting the beeps in an endless loop code. Logically I tried using the RAM on another machine, but the RAM worked fine on that other machine. So my assumption is either my motherboard or CPU is defected, or I did not plug something in right.

I am really stumped on why my computer is not working. I don't even get to see a screen because all I get are the constant PC speaker beeps. If anybody with the same type of hardware can help me with this problem that would be great. Perhaps I really do need to adjust the dip switches? But I don't know what is wrong. Any help on trying to resolve this problem is well appreciated.
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  1. Make sure the RAM is pushed ALL the way in (requires a fair amount of force, push down on one end then the other) and the same for the video card in the AGP slot.

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  2. Get at least a 300W PSU or higher. Don't run a P4 on 250W. Even if you fix the problem without changing your PSU, you'll probably still have problems later.
  3. I don't think it is the video card, I even tried booting up the computer without having a vid card inside and it still made the beeping noise. Also, the mobo has a feature where it will not boot up at all if there is something funky with the AGP card. The video card packed in there pretty well when it was inside the board. As with the RAM, its in there because I know its in because of the click sound that I hear when I insert it on the board. I also tried to use to different 300 power supplies, same problem occurs.
  4. check your motherboard manual...
    there should be a definition for the beep code you're getting....if i remember correctly...the beeps in an endless loop means that you cpu is running too hot or something (i have an asus board too).

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  5. Actually the beep code I am getting means no RAM or defective RAM.
  6. you probly already checked this, but are you sure the power supply you have has the extra mobo power plug? i dont know what p4 systems do when this is not plugged in.

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  7. Good call. I didn't think of that one. Definitely check that.

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