Asus P2B - Celeron 1.2Ghz?

I have an Asus P2B motherboard. I wanted to upgrade the CPU. Will the 1.2Ghz celeron work using a slotket?
I've read in this forum where the PIII 800-1gz will work, but the fastest I can find at 100mhz bus is 850.
Suggestions on where to find a GOOD slotket CPU combo please.

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  1. I would suggest the PIII 1000EB, which has recently come down in price to just over $100. The Celeron 1.2GHz only works on Slot 1 boards with the special, more expensive, Powerleap iP3/T adapter. And Powerleap says it won't work on your board.
    I read in another forum that the P2B series won't support any mulitplier of 11x or higher, due to a flaw in the BIOS. Which leaves you to the PIII 1000EB as the fastest CPU you can use.
    Now there are several things you need to check before you can use ANY coppermine CPU on a standard slotket with your system. First is that you have a new enough board to supply the proper lower voltage of the CPU. The only workaround for a system that does not support the proper voltage is to increase the detected voltage of the CPU and live with the higher voltage. For no I'll assume your board is a later revision that supports Coppermine voltages.

    Now you need to have a recent BIOS revision.

    And to run a 133MHz FSB processor like the PIIII 1000EB, you'll need PC133 SDRAM, a decent video card, and the FS3 jumper on your board. If you choose to run the Celeron 1000 instead, you can bypass these last requirements at the expense of about a 30% performance decrease.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. What revision is your board? It should be written on the board in between two of the PCI slots.

    - JW
  3. sorry I didn't post more info.
    The board is Asus P2b rev 1.02
    I only have PC100 memory so I would rather stick with 100mhz FSB. Hate to put much more money into it.
    Will the slotket correct the voltage issues?
    The celeron 1.0Ghz socket370 FCPGA runs at 100mhz FSB right?
    Is there a voltage issue with that chip too?
    The fastest P3 chips I am finding at 100mhz are the 850E and Celeron chips. Are the P3 1000E's all gone?
  4. The PIII 1000E is about 60% more expensive than the 1000EB do to it's lower production. And probably about 10% lower in performance do to it's slower bus speed. The place I knew of that had them no longer have any, you just missed it.
    The Celeron 1000 is the same voltage as the PIII 1000. I think your motherboard revision has the proper voltage regulator to support it, but am not 100% sure. If it didn't your BIOS would notice and refuse to boot to prevent damage. Like I said, I THINK it will work.
    At any rate, an ordinary slotket would work as well, it has to be the king that supports Pentium III's. Remember that if there is a switch on it for "Celeron/PIII", you need to choose the PIII position for the faster Celerons because they use the same core. Those cards should have said "PPGA/FC-PGA" or "PPGA Celeorn/Coppermine".

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. The 1000e chips are rare and expensive. But do exist somewhere, maybe Ebay. If I remember correctly your board only goes down to 1.8 volts. So you will need a slocket adapter that changes the detected voltage. I use the IWILL Slocket 2 on my P2B to run a P3 700. Although I have to rum it at 1.8 volts. Which is only .05 volts higher than spec.
    You may have to flash the bios to install the microcode for the P3 processors also
    Othr than that You should have no problems at all with your upgrade.
    As a side note the P3 850 is faster than the Celeron 1000 at most tasks, especially gaming. And at 112 fsb ,which your board supports,the 850 would become a 952 or so. This would completely blow the celeron out of the equation.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  6. I had link for cheap PIII-1100E chips (cD0). I'll see if I can dig it up...

    - JW
  7. Where can I find the Iwill slocket 2?
    The only slotkets I can find are "no name".
    I have read where some of these slotkets didn't work real well, at least the "early" ones.
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