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HELP!!! Abit BP6 Problems

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a b V Motherboard
February 16, 2002 2:28:01 AM

As I mentioned in the topic, I have an Abit BP6, and I have been very happy with it for around 3 years, until this evening.

I am sure that I am responsible for some of this, because everything was fine until I had to mess with the CPUs. If any of you are not aware, this board is a dual celeron, socket 370 board. I believe it is on the i440bx chipset, and it was made by Abit. I run Windows 2k, and I use a lot of resource dependant apps, like Photoshop, and if not that, then I tend to do a lot of multi-tasking, so the 2 processors really can come in handy.

On the board, I have 2 400mhz Celerons, they are NOT overclocked, and they have been running fine ever since I got them. Not that I think it matters, but I have an ATi All in Wonder Radeon, and 325mb PC100 ram, 2 NICs and a sound blaster live. 2 CD-Rom drives, 1 hdd, and a floppy.

Here's the problem...

I have had a Celeron 500 laying around for quite some
time, so I thought I might try to install it in place of one of my 400s, for a performance increase. The system booted fine, and WCPUID saw everything the way it should be. This was with ONLY the 500 in there.

Then, I shutdown, and popped one of my 400s in there. Power on, nothing. I stare at a black screen. The fans have both come on, and I can hear the hard drive doind stuff, but nothing on the screen. Also, the familiar beep was missing from the boot sequence. I thought, "Oh, ok, I guess the processors have to be the same speed"... so I took the 500 out, and put the other 400 back in there. Power on, black screen. Same thing as when I had one 500, and one 400 in there.

I take one of the 400s out, and try to boot. Everything is fine... I boot and the bios, being particular about everything, says that the processor changed, and I needed to set the new one up. I did, and booted into Windows. WCPUID said 400mhz, everything ran fine.

This is where it loses me...

I then thought, "Ok, maybe I damaged the other socket." I moved the processor over, and I was still able to boot. I have tried every single combination that I can think of, and it always boots, until I stick another processor in there. There is no single processor it rejects, and it seems to be a very willing mobo when there is only one processor. Keep in mind that I have had two running since I built it at least 2 and a half years ago.

I was diging through the BIOS for clues, and I came across "Restore to default setting" and of course I tried that. Still, wouldn't boot with 2 CPUs.

I thought it might be a power fault. You know, maybe the power supply had a bad wire, or just wasn't performing the way it should've been. I took out the 250w that was in there, and put in a 300 I have. Same thing, black screen, I can hear a bit of booting going on in the box, but nothing to show for it.

I guess, to sum up, these are my questions... what can I do to get my 2 processors back, and is it possible to run a 500 and a 400mhz processor on one mobo...

Thanks a lot for any help, tips, or ideas that you can give me... Also, please exscuse the typos :) 

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February 16, 2002 4:32:52 AM

OK...I don't have an answer (yet) but as clearifacation...each single CPU works independantly in either slot?

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a b V Motherboard
February 16, 2002 5:13:44 AM

Yes, all three of the processors work in either slot.

I USED to be able to put both 400s in, andit worked perfectly, now it is giving me trouble

Thanks for at least trying to help... I apreciate it very much