ecs k7s5a ide/dma problem in windows XP!

I just purchased the ecs board and have major problems with my dvd & cdrw drives. I always get an I/O device error whenever I am transferring files to the hard drive. Audio cd's and video files are all messed up, clicks, hiss jerky video are to be seen and heard. A temporary solution I have found was to disable the dma and I does work now, but dma has to be used in order to keep cup usage down and for smooth playback of video files from dvd's etc. Is this problem due to the fact that I purchased a defective mobo, or are any other people having this same problem?

Athlon Xp 1700 (1.46 GHZ)
Asus GF2 MX
SDR 256 Mb Ram
Maxtor 20 Gig 7200 rpm/Ata 100 HD
A-Open AW44-L sound card
A-Opne AON-325 ethernet
Volcano 7 HSF
I-Win mid tower case
Powerman 300 Watt P/S
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  1. There a new driver for Chipset (SIS 735) in the drivers solve this problems.
  2. Thanks, but do I need to update the bios or is it just a driver? I didn't find that problem on the ecs website.
  3. download and run the sisIde mode driver. pm me with your email and I can send it to you.

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  4. Somehow I managed to fix my problem without any updates. I simply turned off dma (on secondary ide channels), rebooted the system, then enabled each one, one at a time. Now one id ultra dma mode2 and the other is multi-word dma mode 2. I have no more problems now, video, audio cd, and file transfers go smoothly. I did afterwards install the sis735 agp chipset update. I'm wondering if this problem happens only with certain revisions of this motherboard. Do you people think that the problem might come back? Should I apply the sis.exe fix?
  5. There is with win xp an issue were upon install dma is not enabled properly with the sis chipset. The SISIDE.exe merely is a small utility used to tell XP to enable it for that chipset.

    It's not what they tell you, its what they don't tell you!
  6. weird..mine worked fine off the bat....


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