I need to buy the best mobo and i need the best

Could some one recommend a website or article or just recommend the best Amd board please thx for the help
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  1. <b><A HREF="http://www.amdboard.com/" target="_new"><font color=blue>http://www.amdboard.com</A></b></font color=blue>

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  2. That is a good sight, start with the A's. Abit-Asus I have the KR7A and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this board. I also trust Asus
  3. You have to absolutely define what your criteria is for the "best". What qualities are you talking about. ASUS and ABIT and EPOX and GIGABYTE are all good and some in certain things are better.

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  4. you're going to want to look for any board with the KT266.
    don't get the KT266A, it's really buggy.

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  5. That's a joke, right!
  6. If that wasn't a joke, why would you suggest an under performer like the KT266? Even if the KT266A chipset was real buggy (which it isn't) the SiS 735 and AliMaGic 1 chipsets perform better.
  7. for articles try www.motherboard.org. for a great amd board try the epox 8kha+: stable, 6-pci, $105 at newegg. btw that was a joke either that or he doesn't use one.
  8. I agree with cellbiogeek. The KT266 was much slower than the Ali or Sis chipsets (see old benchmark tests at Tom's Hardware). Also, I am running the KT266A chipset and haven't run into a single glitch. So far, everything is fast and flawless. The KT266A gets my vote.
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