which mainboard is good?

I want to use AMD xp1700+
Which mainboard is suitable for me....
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  1. Any of these will work fine: abit kr7a (with or without raid), shuttle ak31a or ak35gtr, asus a7v266-e, epox 8KHA+, or one of the soltek boards. Check newegg's refurbished section to save even more.
  2. Asus A7V266-E, Asus A7N266E, Soyo SY-K7V Dragon+, ECS K7S5A are my recommendations.

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  3. I just bought the A7N266E with the nForce chipset. Great board! I can't be any happier with the performance and the money it saved me. Taking advantage of the integrated components I save over $200.

    The graphics are not top of the line, but there isn't a game out there it can't play well/satisfactory.
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