New Mobo Decision Time!

I'm ready to replace a buggy KT133 Mobo (PCChips M805LR). To keep costs down I want to use my existing CPU (Tbird 900) and Video card (Prophet II MX 32MB).

Looking through various reviews, here and other sites, I'm torn between two boards, both Asus:


What is the consensus here?

Also, would it be a mistake to try and transfer my HDD? (running win98 se) Would it be better to just re-format and start over?

Stability and dependability are my two main requirements.
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  1. In the past and still today Asus have some of the top rated mobos, so as for the maker, good choice, as for the specific boards unfamiliar with them.
    For the DD it is a concensus, that reformatting is the best and most stable route in the long run. Of course you will have to backup all important data, that is always a necessary pain.
    You don't have that much to lose however in trying a simple DD switch and see how stable the sys is. And if you find too many lockups or blue screens then you always have the option of reformatting and reinstalling at that point.

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  2. I would go with A7V-266E since it performs better and you already have a Video card. You have to reinstall Windows after you upgrade the motherboard since it is base on a different Chipset.
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