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Some of these boards are being shipped back, I was wondering if anyone had a positive experience with this board? Thanks
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  1. cd sound wont work no matter what i do... only plays through one speaker..... in fact, thats why im here right now...... sound is great in games and mp3s... he audio cable is good, i have tried going from 5.1 sound, to desktop speakers etc.... hooking it up on the board.... on the expansion card they give you... bios upgrade... latest audio drivers and latest audio rack software..... this is frustrating.... sorry to jump in on your post. i read tons of reviews from users and people generally had nothing but good to say about it.

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  2. Thanks I'll add that to my list of things to check when I get the board back. I only seen a few post on the board and they weren't good ones, maybe I missed them.

    This rig is for my sister and she lives far away and after the problem I had and a few others, is making me nervous. If it was for me I wouldn't care, but since it is for my sister I want to make sure this board comes threw.
  3. I see the IWill is real popular.
  4. Does it use the small end (usually white) audio cable? You do know that there are two ways to connect that cable, RGGL and RGLG. If it's an RGGL connection and your cable is wired RGLG, or vice versa, you won't get the left channel, and it only affects CD Audio. Although it IS unusual, I HAVE had to switch the cable ends around before on some systems!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. actually, it uses the larger black ones.... kinda weird though, b/c they are flat. no little clip to secure them.

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  6. it IS the left channel that is affected though....

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  7. That is what I expected-the left channel to be out (unless you hooked the cable backwards, in which case the right channel would be out). OK, the fix is to remove the left channel wire from the connector and switch it to the other position. If the wire is RGGL, it would have to be made RGLG. If the wire is RGLG, it would have to be made RGGL. So you can see which position to change!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  8. hmmmmm..... and i just do this manually? i dont have one in front of me at the moment.....

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  9. Yes, you simply lift the plastic tapbs and pull out the connectors to put them in a different hole. On soundcards, it's easy to see which wires are ground on the card because the ground wires are all on the back, I don't know if this is true of the XP333 motherboard or not, but if it is, you could VISUALLY inspect whether the ground connections were in the center or staggered (R<b>GG</b>L or R<b>G</b>L<b>G</b>). Standard is RGGL for large connectors, RGLG for small connectors, but I have seen them go either way.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  10. ok..... i'll do that tonight and let you know. i know you have some interest in that board....

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  11. Since both ground wires are common, you could also use a ohmeter to see which two have near zero restance.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  12. ok, well i just switched the ground and white on both ends.... im assuming that (RGGL) meant red, ground, ground, white?? well, now i have it RGLG on both ends (the ground next to red being an unoccupied space) and still have the same problem.... did i scerw that up?

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  13. Right Ground Ground Left. You should have on your CD-Rom end the red to right and white to left. Remember that the right side of the drive is the side on the right as you face the front, not the back of the drive.

    On the other end you would switch the left wire, which is now white if you followed that first part. If you've done this and hear no sound, your PERFECT, all you have to do is flip the cable.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  14. ok crashman, now you have me confused..... hard to imagine "dumbing this down" any further, but 1) are both ends supposed to be the same pattern? 2)i have 4 holes and three wires.... starting with red, what are you saying the cd side and mobo side should be?

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  15. The CD end is ALWAYS RGGL (right ground ground left) on modern CD drives.

    The soundcard end is USUALLY RGGL for the big connector or RGLG for the little one. But sometimes they can be the other of those two.

    If an end is RGLG, and you flip the cable, it's now GLGR, which grounds everything, resulting in no sound. That's easy to fix by turning the cable around the other way.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  16. Any ideal Crashman why I can't install my Nic cards. Two different cards, two different slots. Win2k. I update driver and keep getting the data is invalid. I'm at the point of reinstalling the win2k, then try win98se, then try my KT7A-Raid board.
  17. ooohhhh, ok.... i get it.... i misunderstood you before.... i'll give it a whirl... thanks for the help.

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  18. I don't know, what kind of cards are they? Is this an old installation of windows from a previous motherboard?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  19. One is a 3 Com the other a D-Link. I use 3-Com all the time. I loaded windows, mobo drivers, gf drivers, and UT. UT didn't play to good, but everything was going fine and I was happy, until I put my 3 Com card in and it wouldn't load the drivers, it would start, but fall. I just reloaded windows and am trying it again. I'm just hopeing I don't have another bad board.
  20. Ok, it installed the drivers, after reinstalling the windows. The only thing I did different this time, was not to install the gf drivers, the UT game and not enable the On-chip USB Controller in the BIOS. Any ideal what happen? I think I should be in pretty good shape now, though I only have the OS and nic card on so far.
  21. I'd say the most likely thing would be that your NIC was sharing an IRQ with either the video card, USB, or both.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  22. I don't ever use the USB, but my sister might. So, I'll probably enable it again, hopefully it won't hurt nothing, but if it does I'll check the IRQ. With any luck it will be smooth sailing here on out. Thanks
  23. well, no luck..... still playing out of one speaker. dooooohhhh!!!!

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  24. It could be that you're cables are simply not plugged in completely. When my speakers aren't completely plugged into my subwoofer and my sound card, I only hear sound from one channel.

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  25. oh, believe me, i checked that..... its funny though, if the plug is part way in, i can hear the two speakers, but when it gets pushed all the way in..... only one. im wondering if im going to have to send this friggin thing back now.... i called theri "tech support" and they had nothing to add....

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  26. part way in shorts the left and right channels together. That gives you the right channel out both speakers, which is still not a solution. Do you have a way to check out which two pins are common to each other, and therefore ground, such as a ohmeter?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  27. i will see if i can get an ohmeter in the morning... tonight i am going to try to find something on the board, on their site or in the documentation that would indicate which are the grounds. i will post my findings.... or lack thereof...

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  28. I would check your speakers in another system as well, just in case.

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  29. Hi Jiffy,

    I just got my XP333 back from RMA'ing and installed the other day. All I can say is my problems are completely gone, and the thing seems stable.

    I didn't quite get the 3DMark2001 scores I was looking for, but I do need to upgrade my GF256 w/ 32MB DDR with something a little newer, and I have not started OC'ing yet.

    I imagine this baby has some more legs left in it though. It seems to be running prety cool and I have some of that PC2700 CL2 corsair in it. I expect favorable overclocking results, when I get to it.

  30. would think that the place of purchase has influence on the product. For example, poor storage conditions in a store with high humidity may damage a board.

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  31. As of right now I wouldn't recommend this board from my experience and a few others, a lot of returns. You know how it is, two people can have the same set up, one has no problems the other all kinds of problems. But I think this board is leaning the wrong way, so if you have anymore problems or have favorable results be sure to check back. We need to watch out for others and this is just my opinion
  32. It would be interesting to find out what the real problem was. I wonder if the guys back at Iwill will take a crack at finding out. I'm sure I'll never know.

    Sometimes it's just the luck of the draw. I must just have some very bad luck. Or maybe these guys are just trying to get some free troubleshooting out of me.
  33. well, i found out the order of the pins on the board.... they are, starting with pin 1, LGGR. i hooked it up as L1 on board to L1 on both cd roms and GGR across, and still i get one channel of sound..... i think i got a bad one..... if tech support ever answers the phone or calls back, im getting an rma #. what a pain in the ass. would be different if it was just a damn vid card or something... i hat ehaving computer parts strewn all over. i noticed it doesnt boot with "optimized defaults" loaded either....hmmm.

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  34. just for kicks you oughta find out what it is for the CD drive. It might result in avoiding a somewhat embarassing call to tech support.
  35. lol... i hear ya.... believe me, i did.... its printed on the back of each. i tried both ways to be sure. heres a remote possibility, but anyone know of any incompatibilites with the xp333 and aopen dvd and cdr's?

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  36. well, im back kids..... and i must say im back on the iwill this would be quite embarassing if i was the one that installed the mobo into the case, but i wasnt. heres goes... after trying every fix i could think of (and everything you guys could think of) i figured it was rma time.... so i take apart the system, pull the mobo out, and whats that??!?!! a F@#$ing spacer lodged between the mobo and case, directly under the audio pins. so i took it out, put everything back together and bam!!! full audio... the friggin thing was shorting out the rt channel. anyway, after all that, now the ali pci to usb drivers wont load. error is "ali pci to usb open host controller. error occured while installing, data is invalid". im running win2k. i loaded bios defaults, tried reinstalling fron 2k cd and mobo cd with no luck... any clues on this one? the fun never stops around here....

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  37. Would that be the samething as this? On-chip USB Controller in the BIOS. You are seeing some of the samethings I was, I have had about 4-5 different things go wrong with this board. I took the board out put my Abit in and now I'm ready to ship this rig out tomorrow. It feels good to go about my life again. Good luck
  38. i thought it might be a bios setting, which is why i loaded the fail-safe defaults, which did nothing. you're hatein that board, huh?

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  39. I'm not sending it to my sister thats for sure. What happens if she has to reinstall windows? I think she will have a better shot with the Via 4-1. hehe
  40. Curious, I think I may know the solution...what graphics card are you using?

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  41. that would be a leadtek geforce 3 ti200.

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  42. I have one comment about this mainboard.


    Well, that may depend on the version. :wink:

    But ... I ordered the v2.1, and received the v1.0, product #32404S. I knew it was a mistake the second I saw it, but I installed it anyway, hoping to find a BIOS upgrade afterwards. I don't mind a challenge, sometimes.


    No such thing exists for this board, not unless the product number is 32405. And unfortunately, the BIOS upgrades found on the Iwill website turn out to be incompatible with ACPI. And so, I wrote Iwill, asking for a compatible version for the board.

    The tech wrote back, and told me to pull out all my PCI cards and try to install the OS. I thought that was kinda funny, since I had already explained that the system was barebones and I had never installed a PCI card. No mention of the requested BIOS. Figures.

    The board was highly unstable, with some funky power issues. On a restart, it would shut down completely, and then reboot. I tried to install three different operating systems (at one time or another.) WinXP got hung in some kind of wild infinite loop at the 39 minute mark, and Win98 crashed and burned right after loading the customizations. Win2K <i>would</i> install, but it was a mess, and BSOD'ed frequently. I counted 12 different STOP errors. It was like browsing the MS Knowledge Base.

    See ya, Iwill ... it's RMA time.

    I'm under the impression that the v2.1 of the XP333 is stable. I installed one of them a few weeks ago, and didn't encounter any problems.

    But ...if you've got a v1.0 board ... I suggest that you send it back. And I feel for you if you need a BIOS upgrade; be prepared for checksum errors at the very least.

    My new Giga-Byte KT266A board is humming along just fine with WinXP.


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  43. Interesting to hear Toejams thoughts on this board. I have a reasonably stable ME install and recently swapped a trusty GA7-DX for an XP333-R. Even though it is a 2.1 with 0118 BIOS, there are still problems (my first board was RMA'ed). I can restart my machine but cannot shut it down (screen goes blank + machine reboots if you hit a key). Next time, I'm buying an ABit.

    I could say something funny but, frankly, I can't be arsed.
  44. I just got the V2.1 and I would say it's definitely more stable than what you described. I'm having a few quirky problems (no BSOD though) but I'll attribute that to me being a noobie (only 2nd computer I've built).
  45. Yeah, I agree. Toejam31 said Yuck. hehe

    After my RMA I got the version 2.1 and still had problems, in fact the version 1.0 did better for me, accept for the Dimm giving me a hard time, maybe I should have kept that board.

    Funny you should say next time your buying an Abit board, since I took out mine and put it in this rig. This was for my sister and the Iwill wasn't cutting it. Now, I have the Iwill all to myself, O-boy.

    Just a couple weeks I go I posted how board I was over here, because I didn't have any boot up problems or any problems at all, I kind of wanted more of a challenge and I sure got what I ask for with the Iwill board.
  46. Quote:

    that would be a leadtek geforce 3 ti200.

    Have you installed the Ali AGP patch? This problem affects ATI cards but the patch may be able to solve your problems, as well.

    The more I read about these problems the more they seem to have something in common! I'm anxious to get my hands on the Iwill XP333 if only for curiousity, as I have a feeling it's a software related problem that everyone is having. If it is, then I should be able to track it down and solve it easily.

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  47. Jiffy has one XP333 to sell, just make him an offer

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  48. I'll be very interested in hearing your take on the board, dude. I hope you can get your hands on one. Sherlock that thing and give us the run-down on what you think.

    You can be sure that I installed all the patches and drivers ... but it didn't make any difference. The OS just collapsed like a house of cards. The longer I ran it, the worse it got.

    I've never had a situation before where I couldn't install <i>Win98</i>. That was just weird. I think a BIOS update would have fixed the majority of the problems, but with none available (and forthcoming, apparently) ... no dice.

    You know you're in for a wild ride if the system BSOD's <i>before</i> you install the OS, and if out of three different OS's, only one will go on the hard drive, and with that, only with boot disks instead of CD's.

    Be well-rested and clear-eyed before you play around with that board if you see anything except version 2.1 silkscreened under the AGP slot! :wink: Otherwise, I say again ... YUCK!

    You are absolutely right ... there does seem to be a common theme to all of this. IMHO, it's the BIOS. It's got some problems, and Iwill needs to get it straight. Every error message I saw pointed directly at the BIOS as the culprit.

    See ya ...


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  49. I am using the XP333 ver 2.1 with an Athlon XP 2000+. At first I was having a bunch of trouble but after I upgraded the BIOS everything ran great. The BIOS features are great and the board has been very stable. You also have to use quality RAM with this board, no cheap stuff.

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