Ever feel your gettin Screwed.

For 7 months i have been trying to fix my computer. I have an Athlon 1.4C, A7M266 Motherboard, 256MB Kingmax PC-333 RAM (Bought Later obviously).

When i bought the motherboard i was told it would work perfectly with my Athlon 1.4C at the 133/266 Mhz FSB. But alas, no it didn't. 7 months of nothing to go back to the place i bought it from today so they could say, no i don't think it does support a 133/266Mhz FSB, let me check the website, "Oh well yes it should shouldnt it", "ill send it off to get it tested". 2 weeks later and $50 worth of courier charges i had to pay "No there is nothing wrong with your Motherboad, apparently ASUS believes you need a new power supply. "Ok" i say as i leave to get a new power supply from a DIFFERENT store, another 200 dollars later (Australian) i have an AMP approved AOPEN 350W powersupply. Butno that didnbt fix the problem either. So back to the store i go "Can i please have my money back or a different motherboard", they say no "Asus proved there was nothing wrong with your motherboard, you cant have your money back."

Now im very annoyed, so i go ouyt and buy an Epox 8KHA+, boom my computer works perfectly for the first time in 7 months. but of course there's nothing wrong with my A7M266 (NOT).

I worked it out i have lost all up in this little debarkle the following amounts of money.
A7M266 (Now using epox motherboard) - $370
PC333 Kingmax which i didne need - $210
AMD approved power supply although nothing wrong wiht old one - $200.
plus countless hours of effort trying to get the thing working. But just in money i have lost $780.
Now you can understand why im not happy.

<b>What was that!</b> :eek:
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  1. Man- I feel your pain even from way over here in the States. That truly sucks. I guess your best bet is to cut your loses and sell the mobo and memory. Hey, you should go back to that store and INSIST you get your money back.

    BTW, did you try using minimal components to check for compatibility issues?
  2. I tried everything, i swapped every component in my sytem with other components, borrowing videocards and soundcards HDD's etc from friends to test it out and nothing, then one of my friends got an ATlhon XP so i tested his motherboard and it worked perfectly. But the store i bought my motherboard from only gives you money back within one week of buyin it. I must say at this point that my computer ran fine at 100/200Mhz System bus.

    <b>What was that!</b> :eek:
  3. The main problem down here in australia is that you dont get the choice like America etc. When i bought my motherboard you had the choice of A7M or nothing. Asus is really the only geforece 3 ti500 card you can buy in australia atm. You occasionally see a leadtek or a hercules but apart from tht there isnt much

    <b>What was that!</b> :eek:
  4. You said you had pc333 memory? Does that board support 333? I thought it only handled up to pc2100.

    Does the board have jumpers, and if so did you you jumper it to support 266 fsb? And did you set the host-clock memory timer in bios. It should be host-clock +33 (or something like that)

    Im just shooting in the dark here since i dont know everything you tried. BTW, you say your choices are limited in Australia, why not just buy online (or am I missing something)?

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  5. Duh, PC333/PC2700 is just PC266/PC2100 rated at a higher max speed, it's compatable all the way down to PC200/PC1600.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. Hey P,

    So what you are saying is while Asus may build the best mobo(very questionable), their tech support totally sucks! I have heard things along these lines, for sometime now. I too, wanted to buy the "Best" mobo, thinking that if it cost more it is better...........what a mistake that was for me also. I now buy from companys that really want to earn my hard earned cash, by making user(& over-clocking) friendly products and providing good tech support. EPoX & Shuttle here in the USA have both been good to me. I am sorry, that you had to learn this lesson by spending your own money, only to find the mobo all your friends say is the best, sucks for you, and the company that produces the product, thinks you are a idiot or a liar(or is too cheap or too stupid to do the right thing & replace the mobo). I wish I didn't learn this lesson just like you. Good Luck with your 8KHA+, I have the same mobo & it has been total bliss for me.

    Peace Out.........tile

  7. Even if it wasnt compatible which it is i had originally bought Hyundai PC-2100 RAM and i only bought the PC-2700 ram as a means of testing the system.

    I guess ill have to do more research before upgrading next time, i was very suprised to see that AMD does not recomend any ASUS motherboard for use with there CPU's, there is not one ASUS motherboard in the list.


    <b>What was that!</b> :eek:
  8. i personally think asus motherboards are highly overrated, and they live on their image.

    my asus a7v133 died a slow lingering death... and i never liked the options i had on it anyway. 2 power thinggies instead of 3, cluttered socket space, minimal ram timing options, cheezy northbridge fan blowing onto a flat plate (no HS) etcetc

    by comparison the iwill kk266 based on the same chipset was 10 times better.

    P.S. what did your computer precisely do and when?
    soft freezes? hard? spontaneous reboots? ever when just sitting idle? etc

    Overclocked athlon 1200C @ 8.5 x 166FSB + PC2700 = GOOD! :smile:
  9. Crashman, I think you are wrong. PC2700 is 166mhz x 2. Here are some captions from overclockers.com:

    "PC 2100 running at 2x 133 MHz = 266 MHz"
    "PC2700 (or PC 333) SDRAM memory is supposed to run at 2 x 166 MHz = 333 MHz"
    "The question is, what happens if we use PC2700 with mainboards which are based on chipsets that only support a FSB frequency of up to 266Mhz? Is it possible for example to run a KT266A board stable at 166 MHz with PC2700? The requirement would be of course that the front-side-bus frequency of 166 MHz is broken down into the proper operational frequencies of 33 MHz for the PCI bus and 66 MHz for the AGP bus. Without such a division there is little chance to get the system stable running at 166 MHz. Of course it is possible to run the PCI and AGP bus to a certain extend outside of the specified frequency. But, as any overclocker knows, that can result in system crashes, data corruption, bad sectors on the HDD or even damage to the HDD itself."

    And finally here is an excerpt from Asus Website about the A7m266:
    "2 x DIMM support for 2GB PC2100/PC1600 DDR SDRAM"

    Psyclone.. I know you tried 2100, so the statements above dont matter. But I just wanted to make my case that I thought pc333 (2700) is different from 2100. The difference lies in the bus speed required.

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  10. i think crash was talking about running the pc-2700 ddr at 2100......which is 133 fsb (266DDR)
    not 166 fsb (333DDR)....
    it is just like putting my MAXTOR d740x on an ata-100 controller..
    it is all pretty much backwards compatible.

    if you could get pc2700 ram to run at 166 fsb on a chipset that is not made to support it...then you would be quite lucky..and have QUITE an overclock on your hands.

    as for the motherboard not running the fsb at 133....
    how fast did they make the ATHLON "B"s?
    i know i put a 1ghz athlonB in my older sisters computer...
    to check, look at the core.
    i am pretty sure that the first line (after it says AMD ATHLON) on the core, the last letter...that SHOULD be it.
    i have an athlon 900(B) sitting on my desk right now, and the last letter is B.....
    check the core...if it says C, then theoretically, it should work............?
    if it says B, then i would take it back to the store that sold it to you...and DEMAND an athlon C...
    because they RIPPED you OFF!


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  11. texas - like crash said, the higher RAM speed simply means it can go that high. It doesn't really care how fast or slow it's run. It can handle it's rated speed and anything lower. From Crucial's FAQ: <A HREF="http://support.crucial.com/scripts/crucial.exe/solution?11=001204-0006&130=000975967499&14=&2715=&15=&2716=&57=faq&58=&2900=entCSXaJhq&25=-1" target="_new">PC100 vs. PC133</A> - the same goes for DDR.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  12. Ah, well crash, then i misunderstood what you were getting at. I understand most memory is backward compatible. But the few specs on pc2700 showed the bus for it as 166. Using common sense ( a big mistake in computers) i assumed that bus speed would not be supported on older boards, and hence the memory would not work. Now, if I hear you correctly, you are saying 2700 will scale down to 133 if necessary? Is that correct?

    Benchmarks are like sex, everybody loves doing it, everybody thinks they are good at it.
  13. Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, PC2700 will run fine at PC2100 speeds (or even PC1600 speeds). Every memory clocks down without problems. In fact, at the moment PC2700 is overclockers memory, it is garunteed to run at any speed up to 166MHz. So even a system running an odd bus speed, say 150MHz, can benefit from added stability using PC2700 instead of PC2100.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  14. I truly feel you pain. I was screwed out of $300 (US) by a company that sold me broken parts, refused to honor their warranty, then they just disappeared.

    As for the motherboard, I've always been an Abit fan, ever since my BE6II. I have a KT7A-RAID now, which works damn good. I've heard that the KR7A (the DDR version of the KT7A) is performing the best. I dunno about tech support though, I think since these companies mostly sell to enthusiasts they expect us to be able to fix our own problems. Abit hasn't replied to multiple emails I sent them. They still make great stuff though; have you seen their GF3 TI 500? Damn.

    One more thing: is there an equivalent of small claims court in Australia? If so, you can take that company there for minimal cost and you don't even need to pay for a lawyer. Just a thought. Good luck!


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