ABit KT7a VIA drivers?

Hey all, I have a ABIT KT7a, with an Athlon 1-gighz. I am wondering what VIA 4 in 1 drivers I should use with this combination. The VIA website says that because I have a motherboard which uses the AMD northbridge, I should use whatever driver was included with my board. Is this true, or is it just a conservative effort to cover all of their bases? Any input you could provide would be much obliged!
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  1. The KT7a has the Via KT133a chipset. The KG7 has the AMD 761 Northbridge. You are mistaken my friend, you need the Via AGP drivers. Just get the newest version of 4-in-1s you can find. Course, I never did install 4-in-1s on my KT7a, and it worked fine.

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  2. Oh, thats good to know! Thank you much sir, Hopefully all will go well for me.
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