Disabled VGASave

My System:
Windows XP Pro
AMD 1.3gh, 512 mb RAM
Master Drive: 30gb, Slave Drive: 4gb
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Gainward GeForce FX 5200 8x AGP, 128mb ram

My problem is two-fold:

I bought a new GeForce FX 5200 agp vid card. It installed fine but I noticed that when I would reboot the card was not used. Device Manager said device could not start (code 10). So I checked around the web downloaded and installed the latest drivers for both my motherboard (Asus A7N8x Deluxe) and Vid Card to no avail. One forum sugested uninstalling all other video card drivers including the new one so Windows would detect and install the new card. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same results.

Searching some more I found VGASave. I'm thinking it's another video driver I missed while uninstalling and stopped the service and disabled the device with misgivings. Rebooted and after POST while Windows was loading (have picture for all of this mind you) I get a blank screen. The monitor is on and reciveing a signal because the light stays green and doesn't blink.

No matter what video card I use (agp or pci) I get no screen after windows loads. I thought maybe I might have messed up some other function until I tried to log in by typing my password and windows continued loading like normal (I can hear the music and pop-up window open but I have no idea where it is on screen).

Part II

I've got a smaller slave drive so I decide to install windows on the second drive and slave the larger one (the blank screen drive). This worked fine, in fact the video card works perfectly now and the driver remains active even after I reboot (and I've rebooted quite a few times since this all started.)

Since I know the drive is not corrupted in anyway outside of this configuration problem, I want to know two things: how can I fix this problem? I've used the recovery console to enable VGASave again and even copied the vga.sys, dll, and drv files but still no picture.

If I can't fix it can I copy the system settings of the new installation to the old drive if it's slaved. What files should I be copying? Where do I copy them to? Will I keep my users and their settings?

Sorry it's so long but detail is good for help, and I'd apreciate any help I can get on this one. It's been going on too long and I can't get my work done. So let's see what you, the brightest minds in all techdom, have to offer...
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  1. Well, a lot of other people have had problems with the VGASave service and some have found ways around it. See the article at http://www.subwolf.org/v2/articles.php?article=1 .

    It's not the what I would have suggested, but why not give it a try.

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