Win 7 oem not bootable disk

I bought windows 7 OEM. I formatted my C: drive. I did ask for a new install windows 7 disk.
I slap it in the old CD drive and It tries to boot from the A drive and then the C: I do have the bios set to boot from the CD drive. My windows xp disk DOES indeed boot from the same CD drive. Where am I going wrong??
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  1. Are you putting a DVD in a CD drive? Can you "explore" the Win7 disk when its in that drive? Last resort . . . who'd you buy the Win7 dvd from?
  2. All legit Windows 7 disks are bootable, but they are dvd's not cd's and require a dvd drive to read them.
  3. When was the last time you tested your Windows XP Setup CD-ROM on that system?
  4. Did you press a key when the "Press any key to boot from CD..." message came up?
  5. Does the Optical drive that you are using have this logo "DVD"

    If it does not have the DVD logo you will have to buy a DVD Drive

    DVD will not work in a CD Drive.. Windows Xp Comes in a "CD media"

    Windows 7 Comes in a "DVD Media"
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