Hey Peep My Question please :)

Hey ya'll im wonderin if anyone can help me out.
I have an Asus A7A266 MB w/ 1.33 AMD and 512 of DDR...and its about 6 months old.
Just the other day it my comp decided to freeze on me, for the first time. I ddint think nothing of it. I restarted but then it beeped in a cycle. I looked in the manual and it said that its not recognizing any RAM. So i replaced it...after awhile it did it again...the SOB froze on me. Im really jerked cause I was just about to save a Graphic Design Project for class.

I restarted, BUT this time it didnt boot. It turned on but no boot. I turned it off and watched tv. 15min later i turned it on and it started fine...WTF. I went and emailed asus and amd (thinking its my chip) and they didnt email me...bastards.

Its not my ram...i got super coool Mushkin ram and all my sticks cant be bad...i mean my comp starts up. I even tested it out with SDRAM and it never froze. So its either My MB, DDR Dimm slots, or my CPU. i dont no!
i went and DL the reg edit for AMD chipsets for win2000..and still nothing...

has this ever happened to someone else???
(im suprised it hasnt froze on me while im writing this..lol)

let me no what ya'll think ohh and sorry to keep it long...i now im being a girl about it, but this BS is really is annyoing :)

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  1. Check the RAM voltage jumper, the factory setting is wrong.

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  2. This could be something very complex or one of those forehead slapping moments. Since you've used this system for 6 mos. I tend to think that maybe something got jarred loose. You probably have checked your connections dealing with the DDR SDR, but have you checked to see if any of your PCI cards or AGP card are making a bad connection? Also, the power connection to the M/B.

    Intermittent problems are the worst to troubleshoot. I would check for oxidation/corrosion on the contacts of all your cards & memory modules, loose cables, and loose hardware/debre rolling around, and while doing so wear a grounded wrist to protect from further ESD damage. Then you could try to isolate the problem to the DDR SDR by booting with only the graphics card installed to see if you get a good POST. Then carefully install each card one by one and check POST each time. I know this all sounds basic, but starting out simple and progressing to the complex is a step in the right direction.

    I sense your frustration, and hope that maybe someone else may add some suggestions if I have forgotten something. Hope you find a resolution.

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