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I have a bh6 mobo is it possible to upgrade my processor to celeron 1.1GHZ the one with 128 KB cache??
Do i need a newer "slot adapter" mine is currently using is "PII version 1.2" slot adapter
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  1. I forget what the max cpu speed the board supports. Might want to check your documenion. Might have to flash the bios. I don't know if you'll need an adapter or not. I don't think the celerons have changed pins, but i'm not sure.
    -Jason Fellenbaum-

    -If it boots, who cares how you did it.
  2. Whether or not your motherboard can supply the correct voltage for any Coppermine CPU depends on its revision number. You need a revision 1.1 or later board to support the proper voltage. Newer BIOS will make any board support the Coppermine instruction set, but can't correct the voltage issue.
    If you have a version prior to 1.1, you can still use a Coppermine at a higher than standard voltage if you either use an adjustable voltage Slotket or modify a standard Slotket.
    I would recommend against the Celeron 1.1 and go straight to the PIII 1000EB. Yes, this does require PC133 SDRAM, but the performance is about 25-30% better.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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