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Hey all,

I recently built a computer with Win 7 on a standard HDD. I've been thinking about adding a SSD to use as the boot drive, but I've got a bunch of questions concerning the specifics before I make the move. Paging through other threads has enlightened me on some, but not all, of the logistics (this was the best reference so far Installing W7 on new solid state drive addition? ).
So far I've installed a bunch of games (most through Steam), built a small iTunes library, and overclocked my processor.
Here's what I still don't know:

1) I want to preserve as much data as possible from the old drive, especially game saves, music, and other game data (so that I don't have to waste countless hours downloading all the games again). Is there an easy way to have all this data accessible and working seamlessly with the new boot drive, and how?

2) Since I'm not planning on formatting the old drive, will Microsoft allow me activate my copy of Win 7 a second time on the new drive?

3) How do I reinstall all the games? (in relation to Q#1, will the games recognize and use existing save data automatically?)

4) Will my system settings regarding overclocking (and anything else I'm not aware of atm) be messed up?

5) Which programs is it most useful to have on the SSD? I'm planning on getting a ~60GB or less drive, for now thinking about putting Office, browsers, and media programs on it. Keeping the media itself on the HDD of course.


P.S. - Any recommendations for a good SSD? I've heard some are better than others, and I haven't actually bought one yet.
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    don't need all the answers, but ANY help is definitely appreciated!
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