Best mobo for Radeon 8500DV?

I took on the task of building my first computer. A friend helped by hooking me up with a Radeon 8500DV video card w AGP 4X/2X Bus. Now I need to find a mobo to match it. I do video editing and play alot of games. I would prefer a really fast Athlon. Whats the baddest high performance mammy jammy I can get to fit my needs? I'm a bit ignorant on this issue and can really use some insight,Thanx alot!!

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  1. Check newegg's refurbished section. They had a shuttle ak31a for only $49 with free shipping. I used one for 4 months until switching to the P4 1.6a. They come with 30 day warranty, and some don't have the driver cd. But you can download the 4 in 1 drivers at via's website. Whatever board you get, be sure it has the via kt266a chipset. Other kt266a boards are the epox 8kha+, abit kr7a, and asus a7v266-e.
  2. Thanx o1die, You've just enlightened me to good mobo,great site and great deal. The card that I was planning on getting before this was the Asus a7v266-e,but it unfortunately doesnt have the right slot for the 8500DV card,as well as the other mobos that u mentioned(I think, correct me if I'm wrong). The card that you directed me to definitely seems like a worthwhile mobo and for the RIGHT price. It's at the top of my list at this moment. Any other suggestions? anyone?
  3. I havent seen any bad reviews about the Abit KR7A- Raid Socket A PC1600/PC2100 DDR, VIA KT266A / VIA VT8233

    You can find it <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>

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  4. You might check out the MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU. It has USB 2.0 support, which might be useful for video editing. One or two of the KT333 mobos had firewire though, which might be even more useful.

    The 8500DV only needs an AGP slot, if I remember correctly.

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