Your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements for this update?

So I installed windows 8 and have no audio on my Compaq presario sr5450f desktop. So I wen't and downloaded the audio file for vista 64bit and when I try to run it in compatibility for vista service pack 2. I get.. your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements for this update
Update has been cancelled. (9888) So I google'd the error 9888 and found that I just need the vista 64bit registry file and then insert it in my registry under 64bit but I cannot find the correct registry file....:/ So could someone point me in the right direction?
Or maybe tell me what it is I need to add in my registry files for this program to be able to launch and install it? :/ Really need audio....
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  1. why are you trying to use vista drivers in windows8?
  2. Because the drivers available to download for my desktop are only for xp/vista 32bit and 64bit....when I had win7 I was able to convert it but then when I upgraded to 8 I could not convert it because some registry files are gone and there are more different ones in there which makes it confusing when searching for the ones I need to edit and ones that I need to add.....
  3. I believe your sound chip is a realtek ALC888S? Try googling for a driver for this chip, rather than relying on compaq, they don't keep their drivers up to date for systems past a certain age.

    I don't know if realtek have/will release windows 8 drivers for this chip, but it's worth a go. The official windows 7 ones might work, but I think the whole registry works different in windows 8, so you may be out of luck.

    Good luck anyway!
  4. Lol, I downloaded the win7 64bit audio driver And I get the same thing cept the error code is 9998 instead of 9888...xD
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