Motherboard gigabyte 7VTX-P running TOO HOT...

Hey People
I bought a new comp about 4 monthes ago and it worked fine.
Now it seems the motherboard working at 37celsius degrees when the case is open!!
I remmeber when I opened the case few times weeks ago and stuff it was about 29!!. And the fan IS operational and on the heat sink. Any idea what could cause this problem?
My cpu running at 47celsius degrees and I heard its ok for an Athlon XP 1600+.
I think my motherboard may die if it will continue working on 38! its crazy!. Any suggestions? Ideas?
Thanks People
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  1. What about the ambient temperature where the pc is located?This does not stay constant,and will affect overall operating temperatures.You might also want to consider removing the cpu fan,and see if some of the thermal paste might have dried out.Since you already have it this far,I would clean of the old,and reapply some good quality paste.You might also check the rpm's of your cpu fan to see if it might be slowing down.hope this helps.:)

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  2. Whats paste? My english aint so good. I know about copy pasting though and didnt figure it out.
    Also, where can I buy it? computer store? pharmacy? :P
  3. He means the paste that goes between the CPU and teh Heatsink, it helps with cooling.
    BTW, cases GENERALY run warmer when they are open.

  4. Ok one more question:
    Is it normal to have a 38 celsius board? is is normal? too hot?
  5. 38C isn't too hot you know.

    Its the temperature of bathwater. Not hot at all.

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  6. Are you noticing any slowdowns? Or stability issues?

    If not then it's not too hot.

    But then agian, "some like it hot."

  7. Nope didnt have any slowdowns or lockups. Anyway someoone here said the temp 38celsius is fine so ok :P
  8. freaking out over nothing, hehe.

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  9. Hey D,

    What kind of HSF are you using? Are you over-clocking? Where is the case located(in a desk)? What is the room temperture? Did you build this system or is store bought? Have you ever been to the Artic Silver Web-site to check out how to apply the Thermal Grease? How many case fans do you have? What kind of P/S do you have? Are you using round IDE cables? What size is your case?

    My take on your story: Read all you can on HSF's(Heat Sink Fan)like the reviews on this site and Anandtech, and replace your HSF with the best one for your needs(if you don't like noise read the results vs. noise) and use Artic Silver III thermal grease. If I were you I would use a Vantec 6027D( like $20 USD) or a TI Dr Thermal HSF(like $22 USD), both are decent, fairly quiet & not costly HSF's. I would not use these HSF's for over-clocking............I use a OCZ GF hates it & it scares my dogs out of the computer room, but it is big, all copper, ugly, beyond loud and most importantly it is the coolest HSF that I have ever used! If you can add more case fans. Oh Yeah, if you are using "Round" IDE cables, try using the flat ribbon cables(less data loss/corruption). Good Luck

    Peace Out.............tile

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