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I have a problem and I want to solve it quickly, I have soyo dragon plus with kt266a which has activated a LAN, sound. I have installed a video card agp gforce3 ti200, the problem is that in win98 the games are heard with makes difficult so that these three devices using same irq 11, like I can solve this problem without having to deactivate no of these devices?
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  1. I have the sound, video (ATI Radeon), LAN sharing the same IRQ and I dont have any problem in game. looks more like a drivers issue with the video board. Or you can go in the bios and see if you can diseable the option 'assign IRQ to vga' or something like that. modern video board doesnt need an IRQ to work properly. My radeon can works good without one, unless I plan to capture. Well, never tried to capture without an IRQ, but that what I've read...

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  2. What is the question? Your butchering of the english language makes it difficult to understand.

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