How long do you leave the computer on?

I was just wondering, you hear that you should power you system on and off as few times as possible to extend the life of the motherboard and cpu, never have your hard drive turn off in windows while in standbye mode and all sorts of power saving schemes. How many people actually leave their computer on 24/7 and if you do, do you let it go into standbye after a certain period of time?
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  1. no, everything stay on and just turn off the monitor.

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  2. There was another post similar to you just last week. Mostly everyone agreed that is a user preference and not many people are keen on the Standby and Hibernation feature, but leave their puters on. I only blank my monitor to a black screen (I don't like screensavers). The standby and hibernation is for the energy consevationist$$$.

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  3. I very rarely turn off the main power supply....:)

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  4. My dad has busness machines that may not be turned off for years (Except for prolonged Power outages and repair work that he may do on them). I would keep mine on forever but like svol, my computer has so many fans that it would not only hover, but also keep me up all night so I turn it off when I go to bed.

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  5. Back in my 486 days and up until my pentuim 3 days I used to keep the computer on and just turn off the monitor. It's the monitor that uses the most electricity of any component, so shutting that off saves your electric bill.

    Now-a-days with CPU's putting out enough heat to cook on, I'm too afraid of fan failure to leave the system on at all times. The most I'll leave it on for is a day.

    The theory is that leaving it on will prolong the life of your computer due to less "power shock". Thay may have been true in the olden days, but today's computers put out enough heat to cook themselves to death. Besides, who uses a computer more than 2 or 3 years old anyway? This isn't a TV or a fridge that you expect to last 20 years. You expect a computer to last 2 years, maybe 5 at the outside. Power shock won't kill it in that amount of time.

    Of course, if you're talking about a server then ignore the above.

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