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My new toy is a Northwood 2.0 GHz system, but my precious Pentium III is probably the system I use most; it just has all my work from several years on it. It's running on a VIA Pro 266 chipset with 512 MD of PC2100 DDR SDRAM. I want to get some more for my molecular rendering applications, but one thing I can't find is Cache Latency 2.0 modules. Crucial, pretty much the only vendor I trust for the stuff, only has 2.5. What gives? Do they not make CL 2.0 anymore? What's the difference anyway?
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  1. Most Crucial memory can run at clk 2 although ther're only rated as 2.5.
    <b><A HREF="http://support.crucial.com/scripts/crucial.exe/solution?11=010409-0005&130=000986849882&14=&2715=&15=&2716=&57=search&58=&2900=PVCigK2L5j&25=6&3=cas" target="_new"><font color=blue>What is the performance difference between CL2 and CL2.5 DDR modules?</A></b></font color=blue>

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