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Abit KT7A-RAID Problems

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a b V Motherboard
February 26, 2002 10:15:40 AM

I am trying to get an Athlon 1400MHZ cpu with 133FSB torun correctly on my ABIT KT7A-RAID v.1.2 mobo. I have the latest BIOS v64 from ABIT which supposedly supports this processor on this board however when I set the 1400(133)processor option in theBIOS it correctly sets the multiplyer to 10.5 but only sets FSB as 101MHz instead of 133MHZ. This gives me a processor speed of 1061MHz!(These FSB and cpu speed settings are confirmed by WinME system info. and SiSoft Sandra so I don't think it's the case that FSB is set correctly but incorrectly reported by the BIOS.What's the problem here? Why isn't FSB set correctly by the BIOS and is there anything I can do to remedy this situation?
There is another problem with this BIOS in that it doesn't recognise all the RAM in my Dimm slots! I have 512MbPC133SDRAM in dimm1 and dimms 2&3 each have 128Mb of the same. However BIOS only recognises the 512Mb stick of RAM and reports it as populating Dimm slot2!!! Anybody have any ideas?
Many thanks
February 26, 2002 2:05:38 PM

on some machines there is a jumper on the mainboard to set the fsb frequency, look for one, the other option would be in the BIOSlook for a frequency setting, chances are if it maxes out at 132mhz there`ll be a jumper...