Abit KT7A-RAID Problems

I am trying to get an Athlon 1400MHZ cpu with 133FSB torun correctly on my ABIT KT7A-RAID v.1.2 mobo. I have the latest BIOS v64 from ABIT which supposedly supports this processor on this board however when I set the 1400(133)processor option in theBIOS it correctly sets the multiplyer to 10.5 but only sets FSB as 101MHz instead of 133MHZ. This gives me a processor speed of 1061MHz!(These FSB and cpu speed settings are confirmed by WinME system info. and SiSoft Sandra so I don't think it's the case that FSB is set correctly but incorrectly reported by the BIOS.What's the problem here? Why isn't FSB set correctly by the BIOS and is there anything I can do to remedy this situation?
There is another problem with this BIOS in that it doesn't recognise all the RAM in my Dimm slots! I have 512MbPC133SDRAM in dimm1 and dimms 2&3 each have 128Mb of the same. However BIOS only recognises the 512Mb stick of RAM and reports it as populating Dimm slot2!!! Anybody have any ideas?
Many thanks
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  1. on some machines there is a jumper on the mainboard to set the fsb frequency, look for one, the other option would be in the BIOSlook for a frequency setting, chances are if it maxes out at 132mhz there`ll be a jumper...
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