KA 266 and USB problems.

I just bought a Microsoft Intellimouse explorer 3.0 and I am having trouble connecting it to the USB device. When I plug it into the USB nothing happens I have tried this with many devices including a game controler and a MP3 player and none work with the USB.

The mouse works fine with the regular Mouse extension the mouse comes with. But there is also a problem with that. The mouse doesnt turn off when I turn off the computer the only way I can make it turn off is unplugging it or hitting the switch on the back of the Power Supply.

I am running a
AMD 1.4 T-Bird
Iwill KA-266 Motherboard
256 DDR Ram PC-2100
Geforce 2 GTS
Sound Blaster Live 5.1
Creative CD-RW
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  1. is your usb port v 2.0? or v 1.1?
    if u have a v2.0 usb port, it's not compatible with usb 1.1 device. about your mouse dosn't turn off, do u mean this because the light on the mouse is always on? if so. happens to me 2 but i don't really care, my gf has a cordless optical and the light is always on also.
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